HD Ratings: Scandal Improves But Fewer Pursue Trivial

There was good and bad HD drama news for TV One on Wednesday: Scandal enjoyed a tentative uptick but Nothing Trivial hit a new low.

The Kiwi drama averaged only 4.1% of the network’s target audience, adults 25-54 – which placed it fourth at 8.30 after TV2’s HD comedies, TV3’s 3rd Degree and Prime’s Under the Dome.

Dome averaged 2.3% – 4.4% of the key demographics while Trivial’s weakness and the popularity of lead-in The Block NZ is helping 3rd Degree to turn up the heat on the competition.

Last night’s edition averaged 5.6% – 7.1% opposite Trivial’s 1.5% – 4.1% and put it within shouting distance of The Big Bang Theory (8.2% – 8.8%) and Cougar Town (7.2% – 10.2%).

It’s an impressive turnaround for a programme that’s been in third place for most of the year. (MediaWorks research shows a sharp rise in the current affairs hour’s ratings over the past two months.)

Scandal’s gains were less startling but still an improvement on previous episodes and a vote of confidence in TV One’s programmers’ faith in the series.

It averaged 1.3% – 3.4% — the highest since its premiere — and among adults 25-54 was competitive with Devious Maids (3.6%) and Breakout Kings (3.7%).

The gap was wider among adults 18-49 and 18-39 but Scandal out-rated Kings among household shoppers (3.4% vs 2.9%).

The Block NZ, meanwhile, largely won the 7.30 hour opposite TV2’s HD comedies, with a 9.6% – 14.2% average, while at 8.00 TV One’s Family Recipes dished up 4.2% – 7.8% of the key demos.

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  1. Their is a TV god, Finally some good news for Scandal. I just hope the trend continues upward and TV One maintains the faith in this show. Such terrible ratings for Trivial and to be behind Prime is even worse, come on NZ support local drama. I’m thinking they should of left it on Sundays after NZ’s Got Talent.

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