HD Ratings: Slim Prospects for Fat Tony & Co

TV1’s new gangster drama Fat Tony & Co was dead on arrival.

Tuesday’s premiere averaged a shockingly low 0.8% – 2.0% of the key demographics.

It will soon be registering an asterisk if its fortunes follow those of the Australian broadcast, where viewership plummeted from the premiere’s 1.621 million to 547,000 two months later.

Here, Fat Tony was pummelled even by TV3’s umpteenth resurrection of The Mummy Returns (3.9% – 6.2%) — which also out-rated TV2’s re-run of Salt (4.6% – 5.3%) in the 18-39 and household shoppers demos.

Tuesday was a low-rating night across the board, with even Shortland Street struggling to top 10% (it averaged 9.5% – 9.7% of the age demos, and 10.5% of HHS — almost half the viewership of its season premiere the previous night).

TV1’s Person of Interest season premiere also flopped — 3.0% – 4.8% — but did retain or build its audience over the hour.

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One Response to “HD Ratings: Slim Prospects for Fat Tony & Co”

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    January 17, 2015 at 11:57 am

    I’d rather watch The Simpsons’ Fat Tony, this one played like a rehash of Underbelly without the snazzy opening music.

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