HD Ratings: Talent and Potter Dwarf Gulliver

TVNZ dominated Sunday’s ratings with NZ’s Got Talent winning its slot and the network premiere of the final Harry Potter movie the rest of the night.

TV2’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 averaged 6.5% – 7.5% of the major demographics, with viewerwship building after Talent went off-air.

TV3 also had a network premiere but Gulliver’s Travels’ ratings were relatively Lilliputian: 4.6% – 5.4%.

Talent, on the other hand, was rock-solid with 8.3% -15.9%.

But lead-out A Place to Call Home drew half as many viewers, averaging 3.0% – 8.1% of keys demos, including only 5.5% of TV One’s target audience, adults 25-54 (viewership fell from 8.2% – 4.8% over the hour).

There was tougher Aussie competition on Sky Sport 2, with its live NRL coverage averaging 3.7% – 5.1%.

Sky Movies’ premiere of the first Hobbit movie averaged only 0.2% – 1.1% of key demos.

TV2’s Duck Dynasty rebounded on Saturday (3.2% – 5.0%) after the previous week’s season low against Country Calendar’s 5.9% – 8.5%, ahead of TV One’s premiere of This Town.

The home-grown hour rated a solid 4.7% – 6.1% opposite Ice Road Truckers’ 3.8% – 4.9% but both lost to TV2’s movie, She’s the Man (4.9% – 8.0%).

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries returned with 2.3% – 4.7% while TV3’s Blue Bloods averaged a sub-par 2.2% – 3.2%.

After a slow start, The X Factor USA is proving its worth to TV3, with Friday’s episode winning its hour (6.8% – 9.9%) and Thursday’s dominating its two-hour slot (8.6% – 11.3%).

TV2’s season finale of Arrow finished second at 8.30, with 5.1% – 7.9%, which fell well short of its double-digit dominance at 9.30 Wednesdays for the first half of its season.

While Friday’s X Factor helped a re-run of The Graham Norton Show to win its hour, (6.0% – 8.7%), Thursday’s 9.30 lead-out, Project Runway: All Stars, bombed at 9.30 (2.8% – 3.4%).

Devious Maids ended its run triumphant, winning the hour with 4.1% – 4.7% against Scandal’s 1.3% – 1.9% and Breakout Kings’ 1.0% – 1.8%.

There was better news for TV3 at 8.30, when 3rd Degree averaged 4.1% – 5.1% against TV One’s Nothing Trivial’s 1.9% – 5.0%.

Neither could match TV2’s HD comedies but 3rd Degree had the benefit of a powerhouse lead-in: The Block NZ (10.5% – 16.5%).

The Block was just as strong on Tuesday but the real stand-out that night was Four’s re-run of the movie Wild Child, which won its slot with household shoppers — 7.2% — and was competitive in other key demos (4.2% – 4.6%).

Wild About NZ averaged 5.4% – 6.8% to win with adults 25-54, The Mentalist 5.5% – 7.0% to win with adults 18-49, and Grand Designs 4.1% – 5.9%.

At 9.30, Hawaii Five-O (2.1% – 3.3%) and Scandal (2.2% – 3.9%) seesawed in the HD drama stakes.

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2 Responses to “HD Ratings: Talent and Potter Dwarf Gulliver”

  1. A small and rare victory for Scandal at 9.30 opposite H5O and Breakout Kings, hopefully this continues even though we are losing an episode next week. Good to see TV2 rewarded with their U-turn on Devious Maids, allowing it to complete its first season uninterrupted.

  2. Hawaii Five-O, seen six episodes now, let them keep coming 🙂

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