HD Ratings: The Block Still Delivers The Biggest Bang

TV2’s rejigging of its Wednesday comedy block didn’t stop TV3’s The Block NZ: Villa Wars from winning the 7.30 hour in three of the four core demographics.

It averaged 6.9% – 10.8% and only lost the 25-54 race because of the popularity of TV1’s Fair Go Ad Awards, which averaged 9.9% of this demo.

TV2’s The Middle (5.6% – 10.8%) out-rated the first half-hour of The Block in the 18-39 and household shopper demos.

But while replacing Black-Ish at 8.00 with a Big Bang Theory re-run (5.7% – 8.5%) bolstered ratings for the slot, it didn’t stop viewers migrating to The Block.

The new BBT episode at 8.30 averaged 6.3% – 9.0% ahead of Mom’s season three premiere (4.7% – 5.8%).

They won the 8.30 hour against TV1’s DNA Detectives (3.6% – 6.4%) and TV3’s extra-long X Factor UK (3.6% – 5.4%).

TV2 won the night in three of the core demos, TV1 scooped  25-54s and TV3 topped 20% shares in each demo except 18-39:

On Tuesday, The Block (8.1% – 8.5%) again dominated, losing the 7.30 hour to TV2’s My Kitchen Rules NZ (4.78% – 12.2%) only in the HHS demo.

But TV2 won the rest of the night with Step Dave (5.1% – 9.2%) and Empire (4.9% – 9.2%).

TV’s The Player (3.4% – 6.3%) and TV3’s The Blacklist (4.2% – 5.7%) seesawed at 8.30 while the return of TV3’s SVU (2.3% – 2.7%) finished behind TV1’s Battle Creek (2.0% – 4.2%) except in the 18-39 demo.

Although TV2 largely won the night, the HD networks were competitive in all the key demos except HHS:


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5 Responses to “HD Ratings: The Block Still Delivers The Biggest Bang”

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    November 12, 2015 at 8:55 pm

    So Sky announced at their new season launch that Prime will go HD next year for Q1. Hopefully this is for real and there are no delays.

  2. Fingers crossed, Leo. I was at a Prime launch nearly 10 years ago when the same announcement was made! Then it was going to be the first FTA channel to go HD, not one of the last. Curiously, only two days ago Sky’s corporate communications chief told me there was no date yet for Prime’s switchover. It hinges on when Prime leaves its Albany premises and moves in with the rest of Sky.

  3. YAY, that’s wonderful news about Prime going HD … I hope the news on TV3 will go HD soon 🙂

  4. Hopefully that will be early next year, too, Trevor. Expect most of TV3’s news and what’s left of its current affairs to transmit in HD once MediaWorks’ Newshub integration is complete.

  5. YAY, that’s wonderful news Philip, I did actually wonder if that included HD 🙂

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