HD Ratings: The Kick Foots It With Baby Boomer

TV One telemovie The Kick won its first hour with the network’s target 25-54 audience on Sunday but viewers in the other demographics that matter most to the networks got a bigger kick out of TV2’s movie premiere, What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

The parenting comedy largely won its slot, averaging 7.3% – 8.4% of the key demos compared to The Kick’s 5.8% – 7.4%, which was up on the previous week’s Nothing Trivial finale (2.6% – 6.4%), and 3.3% – 4.2% for TV3’s premiere of Little Fockers.

TV2 also had a stronger week with its Sunday night sitcoms: The Big Bang Theory, The Middle and The Neighbors were tops with its core 18-39 and 18-49 viewership, whereas TV One’s Sunday and Radar Across the Pacific dominated with adults 25-54 and TV3’s The X Factor Australia with household shoppers with kids.

TV One’s 10.30 premiere of Secret State predictably averaged only 0.7% – 1.9% off the back of The Kick, against Scream 4’s 1.5% – 3.2% on TV2 and House of Cards’ 0.5% – 1.0% on TV3.

Week-on-week, TV3 reversed its previous gains while TV One scored first place in three of the four key demos.

Sunday’s peak-hour HD channel ratings and shares were:

  • A18-49: TV One, 7.8 rating/24.6 share; TV2, 7.7 rating/24.1 share; TV3, 5.9 rating/18.6 share
  • A18-39: TV One, 7.1 rating/23.7 share; TV2, 7.4 rating/25.5 share; TV3, 6.0 rating/20.0 share
  • A25-54: TV One, 9.8 rating/28.9 share; TV2, 7.4 rating/21. 8 share; TV3,6.4 rating/18.9 share
  • HHS/k: TV One, 9.6 rating/27.6 share; TV2, 8.0 rating/23.1 share; TV3, 7.3 rating/21.0 share.

Ice Road Truckers’ seventh season got off to a slow start on TV3 on Saturday (2.9% – 4.2%) with The Secret Lives of Dancers (1.6% – 2.8%) as its lead-in.

TV One’s Hyundai Country Calendar rounded up more viewers (6.0% – 8.4%) while TV2’s movie Music & Lyrics averaged 4.3% – 5.1% and TV3’s Blue Bloods 1.7% – 3.1% against Vera’s 0.7% – 2.0% and License to Wed’s 1.7% – 2.6%.

On Friday, The Voice Kids Australia again was top of the HD charts, with 11.1% – 15.8% of the key demos, but lead-out Arthur (4.2% – 7.9%) proved vulnerable to TV3’s light-ent line-up.

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