HD Ratings: This Is Why Doug Previews Rather Than Programmes

Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud clawed its way to the top of the ratings over the weekend.

Friday’s Internet clips special averaged an extraordinary 9.4% – 12.5% of the commercial demographics and even out-rated lead-in Shortland Street among 25-54 year-olds.

So much for ScreenScribe.tv contributor Doug Coutts’ two-paws-down preview, in which he said it was dog tucker fit for only YouTube.

Cats was culled from a series of … Make You Laugh Out Loud hours, with the others focusing on dogs, animals and pets.

The first programme’s phenomenal popularity, which has spawned a sequel, crushed the return of Jono and Ben (5.0% – 5.4%) and gave TV2’s movie Stolen (7.2% -7.8%) a head start on TV3’s Graham Norton Show (6.5% – 10.9%).

But the chat show quickly built to win the 8.30 hour, although stablemate 7 Days (4.7% – 8.9%) only won its slot in the 25-54 and household-shoppers-with-kids demos.

TV3 was more competitive on Sunday, with Dancing With the Stars (4.3% – 9.7%) and Westside (5.6% – 8.5).

The latter dominated all the key demos while the former waltzed off with the 18-49 and 25-54 audience.

TV2 started the night strongly, with the network premiere of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (5.9% – 10.8%) but another premiere, This is The End (4.0% – 5.4%), quickly shed viewers except in the 18-39 demo.

TV1’s Devil’s Playground debut averaged 1.4% – 3.2% off the back of Indian Summers (1.7% – 4.7%), which had as its lead-in an improving House Hunt (2.6% – 6.7%).

Sky’s Super Rugby coverage on Saturday put the boot into the networks’ ratings while on Thursday TV2’s line-up was the winner on the night in all the key demos.

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  1. There’s gratitude for you.

  2. How’s this for gratitude? Doug’s revamped his Weakly Whirled News site (which clearly he reads more often than this one!): http://newswhirled.com/wordpress.

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