HD Ratings: Transporter Rumbles Reno

TV2’s new makeover show Reno Rumble took a tumble opposite TV3’s re-run on The Transporter on Wednesday.

The premiere of what ScreenScribe columnist Doug Coutts dubbed “cynical, exploitative and just plain trashy” averaged only 2.9% – 5.0% of the commercial demographics.

It rated above 3.5% only among household shoppers with kids but shockingly shed viewers in this demo, opening with 10.2% and ending with 1.8%, and plummeted in the others.

True, it launched unusually late — 10.45 — for a show that will air 7.30 Monday-Wednesday from next week but did so off the back of the season finale of the top-rating My Kitchen Rules (10.4% 18.8%).

The latter obliterated the competition but as soon as it ended, TV3’s movie got into top gear and averaged 3.8% – 5.7%, with the last half out-rating RR in all the key demos.

TV3 also would have been delighted with how strongly Best of Top Gear (5.3% – 7.1) rated against the start of MKR, losing to TV1’s Fair Go but trouncing its Gadget Man.

Gadget Man’s steady decline since its launch hasn’t helped lead-out This Town (1.9% – 3.7%), which rated less than its stablemate Undercover Boss (2.5% – 3.8%) in all the key demos except 18-39.

Despite RR’s performance, TV2 easily won the night across the board, with massive channel shares of 30.8% – 42.3%:

TV2 dominated Monday with Shortland Street, MKR and Tabatha Takes Over, although TV3’s re-run of Battleship (4.5% – 6.4%) challenged the makeover hour.

However, its hastily scheduled Sunday movie, Snow White and the Huntsman (1.9% – 2.8%), was thrashed by TV2’s network premiere of Riddick (4.0% – 6.2%) — as was Masterchef NZ (4.1% – 5.2%) by The Voice Australia (5.2%-  8.7%) and TV1’s Sunday (4.3% – 8.6%).

TV3 is re-running Sunday’s broadcast 7pm on Saturday and it will be revealing to see if this Sunday’s episode rates better without The Voice Australia as its competition.

As with the premiere, Masterchef NZ’s viewership climbed over the hour across all the key demos.

TV1 and TV2 seesawed for top honours on Sunday night, with TV3 largely trailing:

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