HD Ratings: Tuesday Titans in Tight Tussle

Tuesday continues to be one of TV2 and TV3’s most competitive nights, with each jostling for HD supremacy while TV One claws back viewers to win higher ratings and shares.

Step Dave (above) averaged 6.8% – 9.4% of the major demographics opposite NCIS’ 5.4% – 9.5%.

While the ratings were down, it was a largely a repeat of the previous week’s contest:  the former was most popular with the 18-39 and 18-49 demos while the latter dominated with adults 25-54 and household shoppers with kids.

NCIS: Los Angeles (3.3% – 5.5%) beat TV2’s Revenge (5.0% – 6.1%) in the 25-54 demo but lost to it in the younger demos while TV One’s Born to Kill out-rated both among HHS.

Last week NCIS: LA topped all the key demos.

Earlier, TV2 scored a clean sweep with Shortland Street (11.5% – 18.4%), Nabbed (10.6% – 18.5%) and Neighbours at War (9.5% – 17.1%) while TV One’s One News and Seven Sharp hammered 3 News and Campbell Live.

Tuesday’s peak-hour HD channel ratings and shares were:

  • Adults 18-49: TV One, 5.3 rating/19.6 share; TV2, 7.7 rating/28.5 share; TV3, 5.7 rating/21.0 share
  • Adults 18-39: TV One, 5.3 rating/20.5 share; TV2, 7.2 rating/28.1 share; TV3, 5.4 rating/20.9 share
  • Adults 25-54: TV One, 5.9 rating/20.2 share; TV2, 7.8 rating/26.5 share; TV3, 6.9 rating/23.4 share
  • HHS: TV One, 9.6 rating/25.1 share; TV2, 11.3 rating/29.7 share; TV3, 7.7 rating/20.3 share.
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    March 13, 2014 at 9:58 am

    With Ellie Bishop joining the team on NCIS, be interesting to see if the ratings will go up 🙂

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