HD Ratings: Tumble in the Jungle

TV One’s HD premiere of Africa on Tuesday captured shockingly few viewers for a natural history series of this distinction.

In the 25-54 hunt with TV3, Africa snared 7.5% compared to NCIS’s 7.9% while neither could beat TV2’s HD movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which rated 8.6% over three hours.

Overall, Africa averaged 5.9% – 8.8% of the key demos, proving most popular with household shoppers but still a long way short of the double-digit ratings other HD wildlife series spawned in the same slot last year.

NCIS averaged 5.0% – 7.9% and its stablemate, NCIS: Los Angeles, 3.2% – 7.9%, while Potter ranged from 7.5% – 13.0% off the back of powerhouse lead-in Shortland Street’s 12.9% – 15.7%.

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4 Responses to “HD Ratings: Tumble in the Jungle”

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    January 23, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    Blame skool holidayz for Harry Potter getting the big numbers? NZ viewers must be idiots – Africa was superb! Great picture and sound and David Attenborough – all ’round win!

  2. Loved Africa, was awesome in HD. However, I didn’t watch live – I “MySky-ed” it and watched it last night. How does time-shifting affect ratings?

  3. Time shifting analysis has been under way for the past year in NZ but seemingly is making little difference to shows’ popularity. Its impact is more marked in the US, where time shifting is more established as viewer behaviour. Generally the genre that benefits most is drama. But given daylight saving is in full swing and Africa was opposite a school holiday crowdpleaser, its consolidated ratings should be significantly higher. Expect overnight ratings to improve, too, as more viewers realise it’s on and the new-season roll-out intensifies.

  4. Thanks for the info :0)

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