HD Ratings: TV2 Coup No Boo Boo

TV2 showed it had the bear necessities to beat TV3’s two-hour season finale of House Rules on Sunday.

After a week long, top-rating build-up, the Aussie do-it-yourself hit couldn’t nail an HD re-run of Yogi Bear.

The latter averaged an astonishing 10.4% – 16.0% of the key demographics whereas House Rules had to settle for 8.3% – 12.7%.

TV2’s Sunday Premiere Movie, an HD re-run of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (7.8% – 11.1%), also out-rated TV3’s SD repeat of Knocked Up (6.6% – 9.6%).

However, TV3 still managed to win the night with its key demo, adults 25-54.

The other network that targets this audience, TV One, suffered a loss of appetite for The Food Truck (4.7% – 7.1%) and finished third with HD dramas Call the Midwife (3.8% – 8.4%) and Mr Selfridge (1.5% – 4.1%).

Sky’s live HD coverage of the All Blacks vs Wallabies game (and Prime’s delayed SD telecast) thumped the networks on Saturday, with the usual HD dramas rating sub-par and TV2’s network HD premiere of G-Force averaging only 4.8% – 8.5% (with less than 5.0% of the key age demos).

TV2’s SD movie The Pacifier largely beat TV3’s SD Red Nose Day Comedy for Cure K on Friday, with the latter bouncing back against an HD re-run of Twilight.

The premiere of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners won its 9.30 hour on Thursday, with an unremarkable 4.8% – 7.3% — albeit on the back of an exceptionally weak showing for Arrow: 5.8% – 6.4%.

But TV2’s 7.30 HD reality shows were also down sharply against House Rules (7.8% – 12.0%), which won every key demo except adults 18-39.

Even so, that didn’t rescue The Almighty Johnsons from the doldrums (3.0% – 4.0%) or Bones from disaster (1.7% – 1.9%).

Winners and Losers, in its last airing at 9.05, averaged 2.9% – 6.0%.

Devious Maids had another bad day on Wednesday, averaging only 3.4% – 5.8% but still much better than Breakout Kings’ 2.0% – 4.0%.

TV2’s HD sitcoms dominated from 7.30-9.30 but with lower averages than a few weeks age because of House Rules’ popularity.

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