HD Ratings: TV2 Gets Powerful New Voice

Aggressive counter programming with The Voice Australia helped TV2 to beat TV3’s flagship light entertainment shows over the weekend.

Friday’s premiere of the Aussie talent quest averaged 7.9% – 9.3% of the commercial demographics and out-rated Jono and Ben (4.9% – 5.9%) and the first half of The Graham Norton Show (6.8% – 9.7%), except among TV3’s target audience, 25-54 year-olds.

Jono and Ben also lost to the final of TV1’s Location Location Location in every key demo except 18-39.

But Graham Norton helped TV3 to recover, with the second half dominating in the 18-49 and 25-54 demos, while at 9.30 7 Days won all the key demos except household shoppers with kids.

They were glued to TV2’s new dating shows Take Me Out, which averaged 5.6% – 8.5%, and Sexy Beasts, which won its slot across the board (5.2% – 8.0%).

The Voice Australia was just as powerful on Sunday (6.9% – 9.2%), when it topped TV3’s Dancing With the Stars (4.3% – 7.3%).

Its popularity fed through to the HD premiere of Olympus Has Fallen (6.2% – 8.6%), which toppled the season finale of TV3’s Westside (5.4% – 6.0%) and crushed TV1’s Indian Summers (2.3% – 4.7%) and Devil’s Playground (0.8% – 3.4%).

TV1’s premium Sunday dramas are rating disastrously off the back of House Hunt (4.1% – 8.6%) while TV3’s 9.30 option Rush also tumbled (1.1% – 1.4%).

On Saturday the HD networks didn’t stand a chance against Sky’s live Super Rugby and Prime’s delayed coverage.

The HD networks’ Sunday night ratings and channel shares were:

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4 Responses to “HD Ratings: TV2 Gets Powerful New Voice”

  1. Do you think TV3 is regretting the move of Jono and Ben to 7:30pm? Or has the lead-out from CDWMNZ not helped things? I wonder if they will pull it forward to 7pm on Friday nights in the future, given Story will only be four nights a week. Personally, I think an hour is too long for Jono and Ben’s format.

  2. TV3 will be happy with Jono and Ben at 7.30. True, it’s not rating as highly as it was initially but the competition is now much tougher and the lead-in, as you say, much weaker. But by shifting the duo to an earlier slot, TV3 can develop it into a unique primetime property while freeing up the show’s original 10.00 slot to test more local comedy, such as the upcoming Chopper’s Republic of Anazakistan. I think there’s a good chance the show will switch to 7.00, so TV3 can see how a light ent concept would work against Seven Sharp compared with another current affairs vehicle like Story. It also gives the network plenty of time to fine-tune Jono and Ben for 2016.

  3. Very good points. Shall be very interesting to see how Story integrates into the schedule.

  4. Well, about time that TV2 is now taking good charge of what was needed to happen. So long as TV2 continues with this trend, then we’ll be home to roost.

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