HD Ratings: TV2 Reaches for the Top

TV2’s network movie premiere of Jack Reacher on Sunday easily won its slot in all the commercial demographics but TV3’s new-look line-up is out-rating TV1’s.

The Tom Cruise hit averaged 6.3% – 8.6% off the back off another network premiere, Planes (3.2% – 7.3%).

The Disney ‘toon rated above 3.6% only among household shoppers with kids and largely lost to TV3’s The Block NZ: Villa Wars (6.3% – 7.7%).

The popularity of The Block is taking a toll on TV1 flagship, Sunday (3.3% – 6.9%), which hitherto has dominated the 7.00 hour, and Topp Country (2.5% – 6.3%).

On Sunday they finished behind The Block in all the key demos, except 25-54, where Sunday and The Block seesawed.

The Block helped lead-out Grand Designs NZ to average 3.1% – 6.5% opposite TV1’s Winter (1.2% – 4.6%), beating it in each of the main demos.

But at 9.30 TV3 lost ground, with Satisfaction (0.8% – 1.9%) struggling against TV1’s Ordinary Lies (1.0% – 3.5%).

Despite TV3’s gains, TV1 still won the night in the 25-54 demo, thanks to the popularity of One News, but TV3 finished ahead of it all the other key demos (which TV2 won):

TV1 dominated Saturday evening and TV2 post-8pm, after the first half of its movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End lost to TV3’s How to Train Your Dragon except in the 18-39 demo.

On Friday, TV2′ Darcy Oake: Edge of Reality (4.7% – 5.8%) largely won the 7.30 hour against TV1’s Kiwi Living (2.1% – 4.7%) and the final of TV3’s Bullseye (1.7% – 3.6%).

But TV2’s Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris (3.1% – 4.3%) still couldn’t match TV3 stalwart Graham Norton Show (3.1% – 5.5%) while lead-out RuPaul’s Drag Race (1.8% – 2.6%) largely finished third behind the second hour of Coronation Street (1.9% – 3.5%) and TV3’s unassailable 7 Days (3.9% – 5.8%).

It was a fiercely competitive night, with TV2 and TV3 sharing the 18-49 spoils, TV2 winning the night in the 18-39 demo and TV1 topping the 25-54 and HHS/k demos:

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