HD Ratings: TVNZ 1 Top Dog on Tuesday

TVNZ 1’s The Dog House has bounded back to being a top performer two weeks after the second season started “paw”-ly.

Tuesday’s episode easily won the 8.30 hour, with 5.1% of the network’s target audience, 25-54 year-olds, and 4.4% of its next key demographic, 18-49s.

That’s a big leap from its April 27 return, when it averaged only 2.0% of 25-54s and 1.7% of 18-49s.

Three’s NCIS was its closest rival, with 4.0% and 3.0% of these demos respectively, while TVNZ 2’s Have You Been Paying Attention? averaged 1.8% of each.

Dog House benefitted from having Eat Well For Less? NZ as its lead-in. The food budgeting hour averaged 6.2% / 5.6% of the core demos vs 4.3% / 3.3% for Three’s David Lomas Investigates and 2.1% / 1.9% for TVNZ 2’s Popstars.

TVNZ 2 did dominate the 9.30 hour, with Naked Attraction (2.2% / 1.8%) out-rating both TVNZ 1’s Coronation Street (1.7% / 1.6%) and Three’s NCIS: LA (2.1% / 1.3%).

The network’s Shortland Street also was tops at 7.00, with 5.5% / 4.6% vs Seven Sharp’s 4.9% / 4.2% and The Project’s 4.6% / 3.2%.

TVNZ 1 easily won the night’s biggest 25-54 and 18-49 shares, with Three second and TVNZ 2 third.

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