HD Ratings: TVNZ Streets Ahead of Struggling TV3

Series finals of The Mentalist and Struggle Street helped TV1 to keep ahead of or compete with TV2 in key slots this week while TV3’s channel shares languished.

Struggle Street averaged 4.0% – 6.2% of the core commercial demographics and won the hour in TV1’s 25-54 viewership.

That was off the back of Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Duty (3.9% – 6.1%), which it out-rated in three of the key demos, and ahead of Undercover Boss USA (2.1% – 3.1%).

TV2 dominated from 7.00-9.30 with Shortland StreetReno Rumble and The Big Bang Theory while TV3’s re-run of Prometheus averaged only 2.0% – 4.6% — which was down sharply on the previous week’s Shooter (5.5% – 7.9%).

As a result, both TVNZ channels posted commanding leads over TV3 for the night:

On Tuesday, The Mentalist ended its run with 2.9% – 7.0% of the key demos, to win the 8.30 with 25-54s and household shoppers with kids.

TV3’s HD rival, Humans, averaged 2.1% – 3.7% and TV2’s Step Dave, 4.2% – 5.2%, which won the hour in the 18-39 and 18-49 demos.

TV1’s HD doco, Kid Criminals, averaged 2.1% – 4.4%, which was well ahead of TV3’s Caught on Camera (1.6% – 3.4%) but no match for TV2’s World’s Worst Holiday Horrors (4.1% – 6.9%), which was more popular than lead-in Step Dave in two of the key demos.

Once again, TV3 distantly trailed its HD rivals:

TV2’s Monday line-up ruled in all the major demos except 25-54. They were equally divided between TV1’s Criminal Minds at 8.30 (3.9% – 6.3%) and Wentworth (5.4% – 8.8%) and opted for Castle (2.6% – 4.8%) over Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (2.8% – 3.7%).

Castle was also more popular with 18-49s while TV3’s Shark Tank and Odyssey finished third in their slots.

TV2 won the night in three of the key demos while TV3’s channel shares averaged only 13.4% – 15.7%:

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3 Responses to “HD Ratings: TVNZ Streets Ahead of Struggling TV3”

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    September 11, 2015 at 8:44 am

    You’re comparing here TVNZ’s two HD channels against MediaWorks’ one HD channel. How does TV1 and 2 stack up against 3 and Four?

  2. That’s because the focus of this site is on HD channels, content and ratings. But even if you do compare TVNZ and MediaWorks, the former still has overwhelmingly led this week: TVNZ mostly had combined channel shares in the 50s, and MW in the high teens.

  3. Well, let’s hope that TV2 picks up good quality rebooted SyFy seies and we need also need a range of crime dramas, live gameshows …

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