HD Ratings: Viewers Flock to Broadchurch

Viewers have seen the light when it comes to premium drama, turning slow-burning Broadchurch into mana from ratings heaven for TV One.

Sunday’s episode was the most popular yet, averaging 5.9% – 10.8% of the major demographics to win the 8.30 hour against TV2’s Agents of SHIELD (4.9% – 6.7%) and TV3’s The Blacklist (5.0% – 8.4%).

The contest represented a dramatic turnaround in the fortunes of the HD networks, with the once unassailable SHIELD finishing third in each of the key demos — and that was on the back of unbeatable numbers for The Voice Australia (8.7% – 14.2%).

TV3’s House Rules averaged 7.4% – 10.7%, out-rating Sunday in the 18-39 and household shopper with kids demos and beating Topp Country (5.3% – 8.8%) in all the key demos except TV One’s core 25-54 audience.

Broadchurch’s popularity also boosted Breathless’ appeal, which improved on its premiere to 2.4% – 6.4% and seesawed with TV2’s The Tomorrow People (2.6% – 4.9%) and TV3’s Hawaii Five-O (2.6% – 5.5%).

As a result, TV One topped three of the key demos in the ratings/channel shares.

Sunday’s peak-hour HD channel ratings and shares were:

  • A18-49: TV One, 7.8 rating/24.2 share; TV2, 6.8 rating/21.2 share; TV3, 6.6 rating/20.6 share
  • A18-39: TV One, 6.6 rating/22.1 share; TV2, 6.2 rating/20.8 share; TV3, 6.1 rating/20.5 share
  • A25-54: TV One, 10.1 rating/27.8 share; TV2, 7.4 rating/20.3 share; TV3, 7.5 rating/20.6 share
  • HHS/k: TV One, 10.0 rating/24.8 share; TV2, 10.4 rating/25.8 share; TV3, 9.5 rating/23.7 share.

But on Saturday, TV One’s reality block was trounced by TV2’s movies Old Dogs (4.4% – 8.8%) and The Social Contract (3.0% – 4.0%) while TV3’s It’s Complicated averaged 1.8% – 3.5% to finish second except among HHS/k.

But the night’s biggest crowd pleaser was Sky’s live coverage of the NZ-England rugby test, 2.0% – 7.8%, delayed SD coverage of which rated almost as well on Prime.

Friday night belonged to TV2, with The Voice Australia (10.2% – 14.6%) and the premiere of Real Steel (6.4% – 10.2%) thumping TV3’s House Rules (4.3% – 8.0%) and The Graham Norton Show (2.6% – 5.8%).

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