HD Ratings: Viewers Warm to Swarms

TV One’s HD special Ultimate Swarms made its 8.30 Tuesday wildlife slot more buzz-worthy than predecessor Kangaroo Dundee, which was canned after only two weeks.

Enough household shoppers with kids flocked to Swarms for it to win the hour in this demographic (8.9%) and it was competitive among adults 18-39, 18-49 and 25-54 (5.3% – 6.2%).

TV3’s veteran procedural NCIS continues to rate well, averaging 5.1% – 8.2% to win the hour with the network’s 25-54 target audience, but lead-out NCIS: LA lacks the same appeal (3.3% – 6.3%).

TV2’s 8.30 movie Gridiron Gang dominated the watershed hours, with 4.9% – 6.4% and was tops with adults 18-39 and 18-49.

At 7.30, The Block: All Stars was most popular, with 9.0% – 13.0%, while TV One’s Aussie HD reality rivals averaged 5.5% – 9.4% (Surveillance Oz) and 3.9% – 8.7% (Australia’s Deadliest).

The night’s highest-rating show was Shortland Street (14.6% – 18.4%).

The peak-hour ratings and shares were:

  • Adults 25-54: TV One, 6.6 rating/22.9 share; TV2, 7.4 rating/23.6 share; TV3, 8.4 rating/26.1 share
  • Adults 18-49: TV One, 5.8 rating/19.7 share; TV2, 7.7 rating/26.4 share; TV3, 7.0 rating/24.0 share
  • Adults 18-39:  TV One, 5.3 rating/20.4 share; TV2, 7.5 rating/27.4 share; TV3, 6.4 rating/23.6 share
  • HHS: TV One, 8.2 rating/22.9 share; TV2, 7.9 rating/22.1 share; TV3, 9.7 rating/27.1 share.
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3 Responses to “HD Ratings: Viewers Warm to Swarms”

  1. According to TVNZ website, Ultimate Swarms is not on next Tuesday. Has it been changed to another day and time or taken off the air altogether?

  2. Neither — it was a one-off special.

  3. Thanks, Philip. I only managed to watch the last 20 minutes of this show and hoped that it was a series rather than a one-off special.

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