HD Ratings: Viewers Warm to Swarms

TV One’s HD special Ultimate Swarms made its 8.30 Tuesday wildlife slot more buzz-worthy than predecessor Kangaroo Dundee, which was canned after only two weeks.

Enough household shoppers with kids flocked to Swarms for it to win the hour in this demographic (8.9%) and it was competitive among adults 18-39, 18-49 and 25-54 (5.3% – 6.2%).

TV3’s veteran procedural NCIS continues to rate well, averaging 5.1% – 8.2% to win the hour with the network’s 25-54 target audience, but lead-out NCIS: LA lacks the same appeal (3.3% – 6.3%).

TV2’s 8.30 movie Gridiron Gang dominated the watershed hours, with 4.9% – 6.4% and was tops with adults 18-39 and 18-49.

At 7.30, The Block: All Stars was most popular, with 9.0% – 13.0%, while TV One’s Aussie HD reality rivals averaged 5.5% – 9.4% (Surveillance Oz) and 3.9% – 8.7% (Australia’s Deadliest).

The night’s highest-rating show was Shortland Street (14.6% – 18.4%).

The peak-hour ratings and shares were:

  • Adults 25-54: TV One, 6.6 rating/22.9 share; TV2, 7.4 rating/23.6 share; TV3, 8.4 rating/26.1 share
  • Adults 18-49: TV One, 5.8 rating/19.7 share; TV2, 7.7 rating/26.4 share; TV3, 7.0 rating/24.0 share
  • Adults 18-39:  TV One, 5.3 rating/20.4 share; TV2, 7.5 rating/27.4 share; TV3, 6.4 rating/23.6 share
  • HHS: TV One, 8.2 rating/22.9 share; TV2, 7.9 rating/22.1 share; TV3, 9.7 rating/27.1 share.
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3 Responses to “HD Ratings: Viewers Warm to Swarms”

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    February 6, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    According to TVNZ website, Ultimate Swarms is not on next Tuesday. Has it been changed to another day and time or taken off the air altogether?

  2. Neither — it was a one-off special.

  3. Thanks, Philip. I only managed to watch the last 20 minutes of this show and hoped that it was a series rather than a one-off special.

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