HD Ratings: What the Heck?

The season premiere of The Middle helped TV2 to dominate Monday from 7pm-9.30pm.

The return of the Hecks averaged 8.1% – 15.6% of the major demographics and was more popular than lead-in Shortland Street among household shoppers with kids.

The weeknight serial also posted its best ratings since its hour-long season premiere a week earlier, averaging 10.6% – 15.5%.

The Middle’s appeal boosted Cougar Town, which improved on its comeback the previous week with 5.1% – 10.2%.

The flow-on effect continued for The Mysteries of Laura at 8.30, which averaged 6.4% – 10.4% compared to 4.7% – 6.1% for it premiere the previous Monday.

Of course, it helps, too, that most people are returning to work, which should hasten more traditional viewing patterns despite one of the country’s better summers.

However, those factors didn’t help TV1 greatly, with newcomer Stalker still struggling on 3.9% – 6.2%: it lost to Laura in all the key demos and to TV3’s movie Green Zone (4.8% – 5.9%) in all except 25-54.

At 9.30, Castle (2.1% – 4.7%) was competitive in the 25-54 demo but was thrashed in the others by Green Zone and Hotel Hell.

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One Response to “HD Ratings: What the Heck?”

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    January 21, 2015 at 12:13 am

    Glad MOL is holding up well and maybe POI could swap back to Mondays and Stalker moved to Tuesdays. It will be interesting to see how TVNZ’s shows hold up against X Factor NZ especially with it adding a third night to this season when it launches. I also can’t help but feel that Our First Home won’t be able topple The X Factor with its impending launch.

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