HD Ratings: Will Maids Make the Grade?

Devious Maids has rated well enough in the US to be renewed for a second season on the cable channel Lifetime.

But it’s free-to-air fate in NZ is less certain, as the Desperate Housewives spin-off continues to shed viewers at 9.30 Wednesday on TV2.

Last week”s episode was the lowest-rated yet, averaging just 3.0% – 5.7% of the major demographics and 3.1% of all viewers 5+.

That still put it ahead of TV3’s HD rival, Breakout Kings, which averaged 2.7% – 4.0% of the key demos, but well behind TV One’s SD hit, Hoarding: Buried Alive (5.6% – 10.1%).

Maids also was well down on TV2’s HD comedy block, with returning lead-in Cougar Town averaging 7.0% – 11.8% on the back of The Big Bang Theory’s 8.8% – 12.3%.

The 8.30 Wednesday hour is being keenly contested by TV One and TV2 whereas TV3’s 3rd Degree continues to limp along on 2.5% – 6.0%, or roughly half the viewership of lead-in House Rules.

Expects Maids to see out its 13-week run but if it doesn’t start to improve, chances are season two will get the 10.30 shift.

TV One’s 100% pure NZ HD line-up on Tuesdays is rating strongly, with last week’s Coastwatch averaging 6.3% – 13.4%, newcomer Cause of Death: Unknown 5.5% – 9.5%, First Crossings 4.4% – 8.1% and Descent From Disaster 5.1% – 9.9%.

The popularity of these shows is challenging the supremacy of TV2’s HD dramas The Mentalist (5.7% – 9.9%) and Body of Proof (3.2% – 6.6%) while reducing TV3’s Chicago Fire to a damp squib: 1.1% – 1.8%, a shockingly low average for a primetime show that the network can’t tolerate for much longer.

TV3’s Thursday night NZ drama, The Almighty Johnsons (3.7% – 5.7%) is still getting clobbered by TV2’s Arrow (8.5% – 11.9%) while Bones (2.2% – 2.8%) and Winners & Losers (2.6% – 3.9%) didn’t stand a chance against TV2’s SD special The Man With the World’s Biggest Testicles (10.4% – 13.1%).

The season finale of The Voice Australia dominated Friday’s HD ratings, averaging 7.9% – 11.4% but House Rules was only 1-2 points behind in most of the key demos; 9.30 Kiwi comedy Super City averaged only 2.4% – 3.4%.

Saturday’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (2.0% – 5.8%) is barely keeping TV One competitive with TV3’s crime dramas and TV2’s movies while on Sunday TV3’s Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (7.1% – 11.1%) narrowly beat TV2’s The Spy Next Door (6.2% – 10.8%).

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5 Responses to “HD Ratings: Will Maids Make the Grade?”

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    August 19, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    I really hope Devious Maids rebounds in the ratings, I find it quite funny but understand it’s not everyones cup of tea. Maybe this show is better suited on Monday nights after Grey’s Anatomy. If Maids fails what are the chances for its replacement Mistresses, which is due to take over when Devious Maids ends its run.

  2. Seeing Chicago Fire’s ratings, TV3 needs to yank it, they’re that terrible. I bet Hawaii Five-O would do better. As I’m waiting patiently for the new episodes rather than watch it online, I’m hopeful very soon, aye Phil. Arrow is good, too, but the thing I must point out is that TV2 should think that The Almighty Johnsons is a New Zealand show and it seemed a bit mean to move Arrow to the Thursday slot opposite it. I like Johnsons but like Arrow better. We are a small country and this is a good show, better than The Blue Rose, which I thought was a yawn. Final note: when TGIF’s comedy line-up starts next week, I guess it will be a ratings grabber, but why wasn’t Mike and Molly considered for the 8pm slot than Bleep My Dad Says, which only lasted one season? Mike and Molly always rated well on Sunday night. Cheers, Phil, always read ya’ articles.

  3. Thanks for your support, Richard. I disagree about The Almighty Johnsons — NZ drama can only improve by having to compete with popular imports. Good point re Mike and Molly, although Dad was a much bigger hit first time around and will play well, even in re-runs, on a Friday. No doubt Mike and Molly will return as part of a new-look Sunday after TV3 ends its titanic ‘toons movie season. Your patience re Hawaii Five-O is about to be rewarded …

  4. “Your patience re Hawaii Five-O is about to be rewarded …” You mean they’re going to show series 2 just as series 4 is going to air in the US?

  5. You’ve got a point with The Almighty Johnsons — they have to compete well. With Hawaii Five-O even being well behind in NZ from US, I will wait for the reward. Being soon, great to hear.

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