HD Ratings: X Factor for Norton But Not Men

TV3’s Graham Norton Show bounced back on Friday to win its slot for the first time in weeks but the network’s HD weekend crime shows and movie were out-rated by TV2’s line-up.

Richard Gere, John Malkovich, Saoirse Ronan and Taylor Swift helped to give Norton more star power than normal.

The chat show averaged 8.0% – 10.2% of the major demographics opposite TV2’s movie, Stormbreaker (4.7% – 6.2%), on the back of local HD comedy Sunny Skies bowing out with 3.8% – 5.0%.

Skies rated higher than the re-run of Modern Family (3.1% – 4.4%), which faced tougher competition: Mr T’s World’s Craziest Fools (7.2% – 10.5%).

TV2’s Saturday movies, Joe Dirt, was a bigger drawcard than TV3’s CSI (3.4% – 7.5%) and CSI: New York (3.8% – 6.2%), while TV One’s The Food Truck (4.1% – 9.7%) was roughly twice as popular as TV3’s Jamie’s 15 MInute Meals.

TV3’s HD re-run of X-Men movie X2 on Sunday (4.8% – 5.6%) was crushed by TV2’s SD caveman comedy, Year One (7.1% – 8.2%).

But TV One’s Packed to the Rafters continued to pack ’em in, rating 4.2% – 8.0%.

Its lead-in, MasterChef NZ, delivered 6.9% – 14.0% and lead-out House Husbands a solid 3.8% – 5.9%.

Earlier in the night, TV2’s The Big Bang Theory (7.2% – 9.0%) out-rated TV3’s The Simpsons (5.2% – 6.7%) while the 7.30 broadcast of the latter averaged 4.3% – 5.1% and Family Guy 3.3% – 5.1%.

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