HD Ratings: Race’s Competitors More Amazing

Tuesday’s Kiwi excursion on The Amazing Race couldn’t stop it from finishing third in the 7.30 stakes.

It averaged 7.1% – 9.7% of the key demographics compared to Dynamo: Magician Impossible’s 9.0% – 11.9% and The Block NZ’s 10.3% – 15.5%.

The previous week’s Race rated 7.1% – 11.1% but against weaker competition on TV One, which has scheduled its Dynamo juggernaut twice-weekly at 7.30 as the ace up its sleeve against The Block NZ.

The Block NZ was more popular with household shoppers and adults 18-39 but Dynamo had the edge with adults 25-54; the two tied with adults 18-49.

But TV One’s Wild About NZ and TV3’s Grand Designs retained only about half of their lead-ins, and largely were beaten by TV2’s The Mentalist (4.9% – 8.7%) – although not, ironically, in the 18-39 demo that is TV2’s target audience.

At 9.30, Hawaii Five-O (3.1% – 3.8%) again out-rated HD rival Scandal (1.4% – 3.4%) but drew half the audience of Embarrassing Fat Bodies (except among adults 18-39, where the gap was a lean 1.5 points).

At 10.30, TV2’s Body of Proof (2.0% – 4.4%) was narrowly beaten by TV3’s Nightline in all the key demos except HHS.

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