HDTV Heads-Up: May 12-18

TV2 wil use a double-episode of The Middle on May 15 to launch its latest HD drama series, GCB.

Originally christened Good Christian Bitches, its title was changed to Good Christian Belles before being softened to GCB for its US debut two months ago.

The ratings have fluctuated but with ABC desperately needing a Desperate Housewives successor, renewal seems likely.

Here, TV2 is using it to succeed Go Girls and if successful, probably will use it to anchor 8.30pm Mondays next year.

“For people looking for the next Housewives, GCB could be the perfect replacement,” The Hollywood Reporter reckons, citing how it “mixes the Texas lifestyle, Christianity, sex, riches, envy, revenge and sass into a sprawling, larger-than-life drama”.

The Wall Street Journal thought it “sharply plotted, fast-paced, with impressive performances” while TV Guide dubbed it “good harmless fun“.

But Variety said the show “lacks satirical teeth” and People Weekly argued it has “none of Desperate Housewives’ winking cuteness, none of Revenge’s dagger-eyed, fire-breathing kick”.

Echoed Newsday: “GCB is certainly a satire on Bible-thumpers accessorised in Guccis and Marc Jacobs fuchsia blouses — but it’s one that’s only intermittently sharp or funny.”

Other HD highlights for the week starting May 12 include:

TV3 re-running on a May 12 odd-couple double-bill,  Alien vs Predator: Requiem and A Serious Man, and the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire on May 13.

✮ 7 Days’ Paul Ego digging up his family’s Blighty past in the May 15 episode of Funny Roots (TV3, 8.00)

The same night NCIS marks its 200th episode (TV3, 8.30), sister show Los Angeles shares a crossover case with Hawaii Five-O an hour later.

✮ Sons of Anarchy’s fourth season-finale on May 16 (TV3, 9.30).

NASA astronaut Mike Massimino guest starring on The Big Bang Theory the same night (TV2, 8.30).

The relicensing to thrill of the James Bond movie Casino Royale on May 17 (TV One, 8.30).

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    May 3, 2012 at 11:29 am

    I wonder when TV3 will be screening Awake? It looks amazing. 🙂

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