HDTV Heads-Up: Mildred Pierce, It’s Complicated, The Bachelor

Sky’s SoHo Channel will screen the Emmy-winning mini-series, Mildred Pierce, in its Friday movie slot over December.

The first two episodes will air on December 9, the second two on December 16 and the fifth on December 23.

Mildred Pierce's Kate Winslet (right) and Melissa Leo

Directed by Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven), it stars Kate Winslet as a 1930s divorcee struggling to provide for her family during the Great Depression.

Reviews ranged from “a masterpiece” (Salon) and “a rare and valuable gift: an American melodrama about class” (Los Angeles Times) to “not nearly as satisfying as the 1945 film noir” (New York Times) and “even an actor as talented as Ms Winslet can hardly fill the dead spaces” (Wall Street Journal).

Airing in December 2’s SoHo Cinema slot is the NZ premiere of Life Support.

It uses actors and members of the HIV/AIDS community to dramatise how an HIV-positive woman (Queen Latifah) jeopardised her health and family life to work for an AIDS outreach group.

“Watching Latifah’s performance is the single greatest pleasure of watching this movie,” said the New York Post of her Golden Globe-winning turn.

Meanwhile, for light relief after the general election, TV3 has the network HD premiere of the comedy, It’s Complicated, on November 27, followed by an HD re-run of X-Men 2 on the 28th.

TV2 will screen the season finale of Mike & Molly on the 27th, and from December 2 will relegate The Bachelor to post-10.30pm (movies will air 8.30pm instead).

Also of note that week, but sadly not for their HD credentials, are the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm (TV2, 11.40pm Wednesdays), and the premieres of Southland (TV One, 9.30pm Mondays) and Men of a Certain Age (TV2, midnight Thursdays).

Each of these distinguished series would be right at home on SoHo and even though they’re not airing in HD, their availability on network TV is still to be applauded – particularly TV One’s willingness to run Southland in peak-hour after its last US crime drama, Justified, quickly went belly–up.

As for the doyen of US crime drama series, SoHo will screen, in SD, season one of The Wire back-to-back as a “box set” over the first weekend in December.

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