HDTV Movie Premieres: July 31-August 6

Funny People: Sky Movies, 8.30pm Saturday.

Writer/director Judd Apatow’s obsession with genitalia gags frustrates Funny People’s potential as a standout comedy about stand-up comedians. At least Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen bond beautifully as a terminally ill king of comedy who tries to atone for his womanising while mentoring and tormenting a dogsbody who aspires to emulate him. Leslie Mann co-stars. (2009)

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3: Sky Movies, 8.30pm Sunday.

This violent, kinetic re-make of a 1974 thriller about a subway hijacking marks Denzel Washington’s fourth collaboration with director Tony Scott (Déjà Vu). It unfolds with typically tense, atmospheric and intriguing finesse but not even Scott’s extravagant, bells-and-whistles visuals can stop it running out of steam. John Travolta co-stars. (2009)

You, Me and Dupree: Sky Movies Greats, 8.30pm Sunday.

Owen Wilson’s sly, bumbling charm doesn’t wear out its welcome as quickly as his houseguest from hell in this movie debut from the directors of TV’s Arrested Development. He plays a honeymoon crasher who moves in with his best mate (Matt Dillon) and ingratiates himself with his new wife (Kate Hudson) and father-in-law boss (Michael Douglas). Wilson’s fun but the dark promise of the male unbonding premise is lost amid the slapstick and sappiness. (2006)

Street Kings: TV3, 8.30pm Monday.

Harsh Times director David Ayer’s second crime thriller isn’t as bleak as his first but, as you’d expect of a James Ellroy story, the LAPD is as much in the gun as the bad guys. The hero is a maverick cop (Keanu Reeves) who winds up investigating Internal Affairs complaints after he brutally breaches the rules once too often. What ensues is an exciting, atmospheric if familiar “LA bete noir” conspiracy thriller reminiscent of TV’s The Shield, complete with the casting of Forest Whitaker as Reeves’ dodgy boss. (2008)

Juno: TV3, 8.30pm Friday.

Up in the Air’s Jason Reitman adroitly tackles teen pregnancy with this quirky, surprising tale about a spirited 16-year-old who opts to have her baby adopted. Smart, funny, empathetic and just nutty enough to be distinctive without being indulgent, Juno won Diablo Cody an Oscar for best original screenplay and boasts a sublime cast that includes Smart People’s Ellen Page and Superbad’s Michael Cera as the odd-couple adolescents who discover sex before themselves. (2007)

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One Response to “HDTV Movie Premieres: July 31-August 6”

  1. Well, they may be funny to their friends, but it felt like it was five hours long. And not pleasureable hours.
    They have these people now that can take out the crappy bits. I think they call them editors …

    Actually, I thought the dick jokes were pretty good. And Eric Bana was good … Leslie Mann trying to take the piss out of him with her version of an Aussie accent was great.

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