HDTV Movie Premieres: September 11-17

Resurrecting the Champ: Sky Movies, 8.30pm Saturday.

Rod Lurie has made some excellent movies, including Nothing But the Truth and The Contender. This one concerns a sports writer (Josh Harnett) who stumbles upon a boxing legend (Samuel L Jackson) thought to have died long ago but who is simply homeless. Can he use “the champ’s” resurrection to become a media heavyweight himself? According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “It’s the complexity of Lurie’s universe that makes it linger in the mind.” (2007)

500 Days of Summer: Sky Movies, 8.30pm Sunday.

Few romantic-comedies are as original, innovative or grounded as this gem from, believe it or not, the writers of Pink Panther 2. About an odd couple’s year-and-a-half relationship, it’s cleverly structured, trenchantly written and divinely executed with only a couple of missteps. Marc Webb directs Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. (2009)

Road to Perdition: Sky Movies Greats, 8.30pm Sunday.

Tom Hanks plays a vengeful 1930s hit man who flees Chicago with his young son when his wife and other child are murdered by the bad seed of his gangland boss-cum-surrogate father (Paul Newman). Conrad L Hall, who worked with director Sam Mendes on American Beauty, won a posthumous Academy Award for his magnificently moody cinematography while Newman’s textured performance earned him his 10th Oscar nomination. (2001)

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