HDTV Ratings: August 2-6

Monday’s HD re-run of Star Trek wasn’t enterprising enough to be the real ratings McCoy.

It won the slot with TV3’s target audience, 25-54 year-olds (8.1%), but was out-rated by TV2’s The Proposal in the other key demographics (4.0% – 7.4%).

The popularity of the Olympic Games on Prime seems to have hit TV One hardest, with Unforgettable averaging only 3.5% – 6.0% and Missing, 2.3% – 4.3%.

TV One’s Sunday drama, Nights in the Garden of Spain, also was crushed by the competition (1.6% – 3.7%): TV3’s HD re-run of I Love You, Man averaged 4.2% – 6.9%, which was several points lower than TV2’s SD premiere of The Other Guys.

The Zoo (5.4% – 10.8%) easily out-rated Modern Family (3.2% – 4.1%) but largely level-pegged with The Big Bang Theory (8.4% – 10.7%).

On Saturday, Hyundai Country Calendar out-rated ITM Fishing Show by roughly 3:1 while CSI: New York started solidly with 4.2% – 5.1% (stablemate Miami averaged 4.2% – 4.5%).

After weeks of dominance by The Voice Australia, Friday night rebounded in TV3’s favour, with The Best of The Graham Norton Show once again being competitive in the face of weak competition on TV One (another SD re-run of The Castle).

After a two-week resurgence with 25-54 year-olds, Episodes slumped for its season finale on Thursday (0.5% – 2.9%) while Bones’ season finale averaged an unremarkable 5.0% – 6.7% — or virtually half of its lead-in from The Block NZ, which again out-rated HD rival Rescue 1 and seriously challenged Police 10-7.

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2 Responses to “HDTV Ratings: August 2-6”

  1. It’s good to see The Block NZ rating well for TV3 … I wonder when we are going to have our X-Factor? :)

  2. Why is it good? So TV3 et al can make more of this reality drivel?

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