HDTV Ratings: August 30-31

The Walking Dead returns to US TV next month but not here until the new year

TV2’s season finale of The Walking Dead last night won its slot in all the major demographics.

It was up more than a point on TV3’s Underbelly NZ: Land of the Long Green Cloud among 25-54 year-olds and was ahead by three points with 18-49 year-olds.

The ratings/channel shares were:

18-39 (TV2’s target demo): The Walking Dead 9.3% > 34.3%, Underbelly NZ 7.1%  > 26.3%.

25-54 (TV3’s target demo): The Walking Dead 8.8% > 27.9%, Underbelly NZ 7.7% > 24.4%.

18-49: The Walking Dead 10.2% > 33.3%, Underbelly NZ 6.9% > 22.6%.

However, TV3 will be pleased to see Underbelly NZ’s ratings have stabilised after slipping last week.

The night’s other HD NZ drama, Nothing Trivial, is treading water at 8.30pm on TV One, with a 25-54 rating of 8.7%

On Tuesday, TV One’s HD newcomer Chef on a Mission finished third after TV2’s Grey’s Anatomy and TV3’s NCIS.

The ratings/shares were:

25-54 (TV One/3’s demo): Grey’s Anatomy 10.3% > 23.4%, NCIS 9.5% > 21.6%, Chef on a Mission 7.9% > 17.9%.

18-39 (TV2’s demo): Grey’s Anatomy 10.5% > 27.1%, NCIS 7.5% > 19.6%, Chef on a Mission 3.6% > 9.3%.

At 9.30pm, TV2’s Private Practice still owns the slot but TV3’s Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year improved, with a 25-54 rating of 5.5% and an 18-49 rating of 5.8%.

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