HDTV Ratings August 7-9

Dogs gone?

That could be the fate of TV3’s Dogs in the City following its disastrous ratings debut on Thursday.

The HD reality hour averaged only 2.9% – 3.2% of key demographics, compared to 10.3% – 13.4% for its lead-in, The Block NZ.

That’s half the viewership Bones was delivering in the same slot and was fatal for lead-out Inside NZ: Nazi Hunter, which averaged only 1.2% – 2.3%.

The season-two premiere of Episodes fared about the same on TV One, with ratings of only 1.6% – 2.3% (compared to lead-in Mrs Brown’s Boys’ 6.7% – 10.3%).

The Block won its slot in all the key demos and rated even higher on Wednesday, when it averaged 13.2% – 15.0% — albeit against weaker competition.

But unlike Dogs in the City, its Wednesday lead-out, Grand Designs Revisited, was able to capitalise on The Block’s popularity to average 7.3% – 9.4% and largely won the 8.30 hour except among household shoppers.

By dipping into the Two and a Half Men well once two often, with two hours of Charlie Sheen re-runs, TV2 suffered a rare Wednesday night defeat from 7.30-9.30.

But it bounced back at 9.30, with Hell’s Kitchen steaming ahead of TV One’s Castle and TV3’s The Slap.

The latter slipped from the previous week to average 2.7% – 3.3% while the former scored 3.2% – 4.8%

Tuesday’s First Crossings on TV One struggled to gain traction, averaging only 5.2% – 7.5% against TV2’s The Mentalist (9.4% -13.0%) – which drew double the audience of TV3’s NCIS re-run.

However, the bad news for TV2 was the steep drop-off between The Mentalist and Body of Proof, which averaged only 4.2% – 7.3%.

That put it largely neck-and-neck with TV One’s Coppers but still well ahead of TV3’s Hawaii Five-0 (2.1% – 3.6%).

Earlier in the night, TV3’s Kings Cross ER averaged 5.1%- 8.7% and TV One’s Coastwatch, 5.6% – 9.5%.

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4 Responses to “HDTV Ratings August 7-9”

  1. Speaking of Hawaii Five-0, has it finished season two or has it been pulled as I just saw a promo for Law & Order: SVU in the tuesday 9.30pm slot.

  2. It’s being pulled because of the show’s persistent failure to rate here. Its performance hasn’t been helped by haphazard scheduling that saw it change nights and slots, and segue from prime time to late night to prime time. For whatever reason, it’s a show that’s never resonated with NZ viewers.

  3. With the Olympics over tommorrow morning, it will interesting to see the next ratings article with Dogs in the City. I found it interesting to watch in primetime. Only averaging that percentage … Wow! But there are other shows on in that hour. The Block is great as I’m learning how to be a builder and love it’s a NZ version. With Hawaii Five-O gone, Philip, could you let me know when it’s back and what time. And lastly: TV2 should play the next season of Hells Kitchen as its been a good ratings grabber (hint hint).

  4. Shame about Five-0, I liked it. It’s nonsense like TV3’s shabby treatment that makes people seek content from other sources. When will TV companies realise that viewers should come before advertising ratings?

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