HDTV Ratings: CSI Gains From Generation Kill

Viewers deserting TV One’s Generation Kill in droves on Monday night gave TV3’s HD crime show, CSI, a shot in the arm.

The powerful but corrosive Iraq War drama drew 8.4% of TV One’s target audience, 25-54 year-olds, to earn a 17.7% channel share but, as expected, the viewership nearly halved between the first quarter hour and the last, from 12.1% to 6.4%.

At the same time, CSI climbed from 8.6% of 25-54 to 9.1%, to average an 8.8 rating/18.0 share for the hour. With TV3’s demo, 18-49 year-olds, CSI rose from 7.1% at the start of the hour to 8.1% at the end.

HD stablemate NCIS: Los Angeles couldn’t sustain this viewership, leaving C4’s Skins and Prime’s Sea Patrol premieres to benefit from disenchanted TV One viewers.

TV3’s top HD drawcards continue to be Underbelly: The Golden Mile (8.30pm Wednesdays), although its popularity could be challenged by TV2 replacing its low-rating sci-fi shows with hit movies, starting tomorrow with Rush Hour, and Glee (8.30pm Fridays), which is helping to drive viewership of TV3’s HD Kiwi sketch comedy, Radiradirah.

The network’s Tuesday night HD drama, The Good Wife, also got a lift last Tuesday, on the back of the season finale of House, when its 18-49 viewership jumped from 5.3% the previous week to 8.2%.

As of tonight, its lead-in will be the HD crime show, CSI: New York.

Meanwhile, watch for a three-hour CSI Trilogy Crossover special on July 3, when detectives from the original join forces with their NY and Miami counterparts.

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  1. There’s no accounting for taste! Together with fellow HBO series The Wire, Generation Kill is regarded by many as one of the best television series *ever*, but again, there is little surprise that many turned off in half-way through, for if you don’t give this superbly made, very subtle show time to build, you might miss the fact that it is quietly burning the American flag, rather than waving it…

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