HDTV Ratings: February 10-13

Revenge was sweet for TV2 last night when its HD premiere drew more than twice as many viewers as TV3’s highly touted Homeland.

The award-winning thriller about a suspected double-agent averaged only 4% of TV3’s target audience, 25-54 year-olds, compared to Revenge’s 9.7%.


It even lost to TV One’s gimmicky crime procedural, Person of Interest, which averaged 5.8%.

The numbers were even more grim in the other demographics: 3.5% of 18-49s (vs Revenge’s 9.9%), 2.7% of 18-39s (vs 10.8%), and 2.9% of household shoppers (vs 14.7%).

The shockingly low figures continue a disappointing start to the new season for TV3. Homeland’s launch wasn’t helped by sub-par ratings for the season premiere of CSI opposite the return of Desperate Housewives on TV2.

The Wisteria Lane warhorse averaged 8% of 25-54s (vs CSI’s 5.2%), 9% of 18-49s (vs 4.6%), 9.6% of 18-39s (vs 4.6%) and 11.2% of HHS (vs 4%).

At 8.30 on TV One, another staple, Criminal Minds, won the 25-54 demo (8.6%) and easily out-rated CSI in the rest.

TV One also largely won the 7.30-8.30 hour with its HD duo, Piha Rescue and Rapid Response, opposite the return of The Amazing Race (in SD) on TV2 and TV3’s HD comedies, Last Man Standing and Modern Family.

On Sunday, TV2’s 7pm re-run of The Big Bang Theory, for the first time in HD, narrowly out-rated TV3’s Would I Lie to You? as did the HD premiere of Mike & Molly opposite the return of 60 Minutes.

House in The Big House wasn’t enough of a drawcard to stop viewers opting for alternatives on TV One and TV2, which provided a soft launch for the return of TV3’s HD drama The Big C: it was most popular with HHS, but still averaged 5.1%, and could muster only 3.6% of 25-54s.

Saturday’s Keeping Up With the Joneses on TV One posted its lowest 25-54 rating yet — 4.7% — while Friday night HD crowdpleaser The Graham Norton Show lost in this demo to American Idol on TV2 because of Doc Martin’s appeal on TV One (although the return of the Martin Clunes hit finished third in other demos).

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3 Responses to “HDTV Ratings: February 10-13”

  1. TV3 continues to disappoint by not showing House in HD. As for CSI, that genre appears to have lost its appeal, the shows are dull and unimaginative, the equally dull Ted Danson only hastens its demise.

  2. As Homeland is by far the best TV show on at the moment, I have to sadly wonder about the mentality of my fellow kiwis … I wish I could shake some sense into them, idiots 🙁

  3. TV3’s problem re House lies in its contract with NBC-Universal, which distributes the show. Under the terms, anything NBC-Universal supplied in SD before the deal was last renewed two years ago will continue to be delivered in SD. Only shows bought under the agreement since the renewal will be delivered in HD. So ongoing series like House and Law & Order will remain in SD; ironically, most of the new HD shows that could have aired in HD on 3 have been relegated to SD sister channel, Four.

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