HDTV Ratings: February 9

Thursday’s premiere of Once Upon a Time was more like once upon a hit for TV2.

It clobbered TV3’s HD season premiere of Bones in all the key demographics, largely drawing twice as many viewers in each age group.

Moreover, its ratings held up over the hour.

For instance, it opened with 11.9% of TV One and TV3’s target audience, 25-54 year-olds, and slipped to only 11.2% in the final quarter hour.

With TV2’s audience, 18-39 year-olds, it averaged 11.6% and peaked at 12% in the final quarter-hour.

Only with household shoppers was there a steep fall-off, from 17.3% at the start to 14.6% at the end.

While Bones averaged only 7.3% of HHS, viewership wavered from 7.6% to merely 7%.

In other demos, Bones averaged from 4.7% (18-39) to 6.5% (25-54).

Once Upon a Time’s success cemented a strong first week of the new season proper for TV2.

The season premiere of Two and a Half Men on Wednesday was the biggest in the show’s nine years on TV2 — it had a 63% share of all 18-39 year-olds watching TV – while HD stablemates 2 Broke Girls managed a 55% share and The Big Bang Theory, 44%.

And last week Shortland Street had its highest season launch in three years.

In terms of critical reception,The Dominion Post’s Jane Bowron thought Once Upon a Time “all too adult and byzantine for small fry to keep track of but this is a clever concept and has been nicely set up so far to keep you tuned in for more tall tales and true from the legendary past”.

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