HDTV Ratings: February 14

The Almighty Johnsons wasn’t quite as mighty second-time around.

Viewership of last night’s episode was down sharply in TV3’s key demographics: 8.3% of 25-54 year-olds and 7.9% of 18-49 year-olds vs 11.7% of each the previous week.

The show’s household shoppers with kids rating slipped from 12.8% to 10.2%.

The decline was due to TV2’s season premiere of Brothers and Sisters, which screened in HD for the first time.

It was watched by: 14.5% of 18-49 and HHS/kids; 9.9% of 25-54; and 9% of TV2’s core 18-39 audience.

It was preceded by Desperate Housewives dwarfing TV3’s HD rival, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: 18-49, 13% vs 6.2%; 25-54, 12.5% vs 6.7%; HHS/kids, 18.4% vs 11.1%; 18-39, 14.2% vs 6.5%.

CSI also wasn’t helped by lead-in Bigger Better Faster Stronger not improving on its low-rating premiere.

Opposite the return of The Amazing Race, it delivered 4.7% of 18-49 (vs 5.7% last week), 6.1% of 24-54 (vs 6.5%), and 7.6% of HHS/kids (vs 8%).

CSI was also hurt by the continuing popularity of TV One’s HD crime hit, Criminal Minds: 8.4% of 18-49; 11.4% of 25-54; and 9.5% of HHS/kids.

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