HDTV Ratings: July 1-4

Coop's tricks couldn't rescue Nurse Jackie

Two of TV3’s Monday night HD drawcards ended their runs last night with mixed ratings.

CSI drew two-thirds the 25-54 viewership of TV2’s Desperate Housewives and only narrowly beat a repeat of TV One’s Criminal Minds.

But its 9.30pm stablemate, Nurse Jackie, lost both to TV2’s Brothers & Sisters and TV One’s Castle, mustering only 5.2% of 25-54 year-olds.

Nurse Jackie’s ebbing popularity was due to not only a weaker lead-in — last season followed Outrageous Fortune — but also a creative paralysis that made some episodes all-but DOA.

Earlier in the evening, TV3’s Road Cops is rating remarkably well for a re-run, with 9.3% of 25-54s – an impressive result opposite the second half of TV2’s top-rating winter edition of Shortland Street.

At 7pm on Sunday, TV3’s persistently under-performing HD comedy, Modern Family, posted an unusually high 25-54 rating of 8.5% while TV One’s The Food Truck continues to rattle along nicely, easily winning the slot with a 25-54 rating of 12%.

At 9.30pm, CSI: Miami is pulling double the viewership that The Good Wife did in that slot.

At the same time, rescheduling Wife to 10.25pm is helping to boost TV3’s late-night viewership, with Sunday’s return of Michael J Fox earning the drama a 25-54 rating of 3.6%  — the same as its HD competition on TV2, a re-run of The Vampire Diaries.

Wife even is rating well at that hour with TV2’s demographic, 18-39 year-olds: 3.8% watched it versus Diaries’ 4.8%.

At 7pm on Saturday, TV One’s Hyundai Country Calendar rode roughshod over TV3’s ITM Fishing Show, drawing 13.9% of 25-54 year-olds compared to its HD rival’s 3.6%.

And on Friday, a stronger SD line-up on TV One and a Jackie Chan movie on TV2 took some of the gloss off TV3’s HD duo, NZ’s Next Top Model and The Graham Norton Show, with the latter narrowly losing the 8.30pm hour for the first time in weeks (a 25-54 rating of 10.1% vs The Medallion’s 10.2%).

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