HDTV Ratings: July 21-24

TV3’s HD re-run of the movie, Eagle vs Shark, helped it to post unusually high ratings for a post-9.30pm Saturday slot.

It rated 5.2% of 25-54 year-olds, as did TV2’s movie, Lesbian Vampire Killers, while TV One’s Air Force One averaged 6.3%.

But in the household shoppers with kids and 18-49 demographics, Eagle vs Shark won the slot and was second to Lesbian Vampire Killers in the 18-39 demo.

The same night TV3’s ITM Fishing Show also rated unusually strongly, with only a couple of ratings points separating it from TV One’s Hyundai Country Calendar whereas normally the farming favourite trounces it.

TV2’s The Voice was down sharply on the premiere’s ratings, with 6.9% of 18-39 year-olds compared with 10.5% the previous week.

The 18-49 viewership also dropped, from 11.2% to 7.4%, as did HHS/kids, from 14.6% to 8.8%.

On Friday nights, TV2’s HD double-bill of The Vampire Diaries and Nikita still can’t gain traction against TV3’s The Graham Norton Show and 7 Days, although they’re slightly more popular with TV2’s 18-39 audience.

TV3’s NZ’s Next Top Model is holding its own against TV2’s Mad Love in the 18-39 stakes but the first half is being thrashed by Two and a Half Men; the gap isn’t as wide with older audiences but is still marked.

TV3’s Thursday comedy movie, I Love You, Man, was competitive with TV2’s HD option, Chuck, in the 25-54 race but drew half the audience of TV One’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and finished third in other key demos, too.

Last night saw TV One’s The Food Truck win its slot in the major demos, with TV3’s Modern Family bowing out quietly, while TV2’s late-night re-run of the Body of Proof premiere drew significantly more viewers than TV3’s first-run episode of The Good Wife.

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