HDTV Ratings: July 26-29

Sunday’s HD premiere of The Zoo finished behind The Big Bang Theory but ahead of Modern Family.

It averaged 7.1% – 10.1 of the key demographics compared to Bang’s 9.3% – 12.5% and Family’s 4.3% – 6.3%.

Predictably, TV One’s repeat of the Katherine Mansfield drama, Bliss, averaged only 2.7% – 4.3% against movies on TV2 and TV3 (its 25-54 viewership was almost half of that of its original broadcast this time last year).

TV2’s HD presentation of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End on Saturday rated 5.2% – 6.8% opposite TV3’s CSI season finale (3.8% – 5.3%) and CSI: Miami (3.8% – 5.0%).

TV One’s HD movie, Blood Diamond, drew 0.9% – 5.2%, proving most popular in the older demos.

Earlier in the evening, Hyundai Country Calendar averaged 5.3% – 9.6% against ITM Fishing Show’s 2.7% – 3.5%.

TV3’s light entertainment line-up on Friday was dwarfed by TV2’s, with 8.30 anchor The Best of The Graham Norton Show averaging only 4.2% – 8.9%.

Thursday’s The Block averaged 9.6% – 12.8%, out-rating Rescue 1 in all the key demos and rivalling Police 10-7’s popularity.

The Block’s success has helped to boost Bones’ viewership (6.2% – 7.4%) while Inside NZ rated better in its second week, with the season’s first HD hour, Inside Tattooing, averaging 5.3% – 7.0%.

Episodes on TV One averaged a strong 4.3% of 25-54 year-olds, but only 1.3% – 2.9% of other key demos – which was less than Fringe delivered half-an-hour later on TV2: 4.3% – 5.5%.

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2 Responses to “HDTV Ratings: July 26-29”

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    July 30, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    No info yet on where the Olympics sit in the ratings?

  2. Prime’s numbers are up dramatically. With its 25-54 viewership, live coverage of the opening ceremony averaged 9% over nearly four hours and in primetime, the channel’s drawing 2-3 times as many viewers as normal. With all viewers aged five-plus, the live opening ceremony was the fourth-most watched programme on Saturday and the night’s edited highlights, the fifth-most watched. These figures are only for Prime in SD. The figures for Prime HD and Sky’s Olympics-only channels aren’t being made available, although a Sky spokesperson says the games are “doing VERY well”.

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