HDTV Ratings: June 29-July 2

TV One’s premiere of Missing on Monday held most of its audience over the two hours but was out-rated by TV2’s Desperate Housewives/Revenge combo and TV3’s re-run of Transformers.

Missing, which stars Kiwi Cliff Curtis, averaged 5.1%-7.1% of the key demographics compared to Transformers’ 9.0%-9.4%, Housewives’ 11.1%-11.7% and Revenge’s 8.4%-10.3%.

But the hour-long episode of Shortland Street was roughly twice as popular, which left only 1.9%-3.3% of viewers for Last Man Standing.

Its HD stablemate, Modern Family, had an off night, with only 4.8%-5.6%.

The Tom Scott movie, Separation City, averaged 3.9%-8.0% on Sunday, while the Kiwi comedy, Golden, improved, with 5.8%-6.7%.

It still finished third but was the most competitive it’s been against Planet Dinosaur (5.2%-10.4%) and The Big Bang Theory (9.0%-10.5%).

TV3’s HD re-run of Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties averaged 4.6%-6.2%, trailing Mike & Molly and Big Bang in all demos except HHS, where it was only a point behind.

Saturday’s ITM Fishing Show lured more viewers than usual, averaging 3.9%-6.3% while HD rival Hyundai Country Calendar rated 5.8%-10.3%.

Judy Bailey’s Australia continues to be dead as a dodo, drawing only 2.8%-3.7% opposite CSI’s 2.7%-5.5%.

With the 25-54 demo both TV One and TV3 target, CSI was nearly two points ahead.

Weak Friday competition on TV One helped TV3’s Graham Norton Show to be more competitive with TV2’s The Voice, averaging 7.7%-10.3%, but Glee continued to limp along (2.8%-5.3%) – largely rating lower than late-night comedy Hounds (3.2%-5.3%).

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