HDTV Ratings: Lie to Me, Outrageous Fortune

TV3’s HD sensation, Outrageous Fortune, continues to out-rate TV2’s Tuesday night movies by almost four to one while the network’s body language sleuth series, Lie to Me, which is nearing the end of its second HD season on Wednesdays, is again keeping the competition honest.

It had been struggling against TV2’s SD alternative, Chuck, but last night the gap narrowed sharply.

Although Lie to Me’s rating was the same as the previous week 7.5% of TV3’s core audience, 18-49 year-olds — Chuck’s dropped from 10% to 8.2%.

Expect changes aplenty for Lie to Me’s third season, which starts in the US in November.

They reportedly include the dropping of a key cast member, broader stories and character development, and more of a traditional private eye emphasis.

Meanwhile, the Blu-ray of Chuck’s third season has just gone on sale in the US, where Blu-ray.com says the 1080p/VC-1 encode “looks better than its predecessors, even if only by a slim margin”.

But The Digital Bits thought the a/v specs “exactly on par” with previous seasons: “The HD video quality is generally good (1080p/1.78:1 aspect ratio), but occasionally has the slighly-too-soft look of overcompression.”

The Cinema Laser reckons season three is “less visually stylised” than the preceding two. “The image is fairly sharp, but finer detail can be less than exemplary. For the most part, colour saturation is a naturalistic level, but there are moments with stronger saturation.

“Blacks are accurate and the whites appear crisp. The photographic style is still somewhat contrasty in places, as well as appearing somewhat flat in other places. Shadow detail is wanting, as there is a decided mushiness in any dark areas of the picture. Grain is noticeable throughout; ranging from mild to somewhat heavier.”

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