HDTV Ratings: May 23

Wednesday’s premiere of Breakout Kings was not a breakout hit.

Like last year’s The Borgias, it failed to capitalise on the following Sons of Anarchy developed in the same slot.

It averaged only 4.5%-5.4% of the key demographics off the back of a season finale flop for The Almighty Johnsons.

The Kiwi show that the NZ Herald said “amusingly disappeared up its own comic cosmology” rated only 5.4%-5.9%, its lowest viewership since The GC became its lead-in.

The controversial reality hit averaged 8.3%-10.2% but was dwarfed by 2 Broke Girls on TV2 rating 14.2%-18.3%.

The network’s HD sitcom block was phenomenally popular, with The Big Bang Theory being the most watched of the four.

It averaged 16.1%-22.0% and rivaled Shortland Street as the highest-rating show of the night.

Over on TV One, at 9.30, Castle rated 4.6%-6.9% of the older demos, which was enough to beat Breakout Kings but not Hell’s Kitchen on TV2.

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    May 28, 2012 at 2:24 am

    When the Johnsons finally get their powers I hope they do something nasty to those people who don’t watch The Almighty Johnsons 🙂

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