HDTV Ratings: November 29-30

The Borgias ended its low-rating run last night with the kind of numbers that mean it won’t be back in primetime.

TV3 has committed to season two of the Jeremy Irons costume drama but is likely to run it post-Nightline following the first season’s failure to build an audience over the last nine weeks against relatively lightweight competition.

The season finale rated 4.2% of 25-54 year-olds (compared to 7.2% for TV One’s HD option, Harry’s Law), and only 3.3% of 18-49s (vs 6.2%).

It capped a dismal night for TV3, with Underbelly: Razor rating only 3.6% of 25-54s opposite TV One’s 7.8% for another Aussie HD hour, Winners & Losers, and 3.5% of 18-49s (vs 6.6%).

TV2 easily won the night with three hours of comedy and even V was more popular than the previous week, rating 3.2% of 18-49s and 2.6% of 18-39s.

On Tuesday, TV2’s The Celebrity Apprentice also rebounded, with 7.8% of 18-39s, 7.7% of 18-49s, 8.2% of 25-54s and 11.1% of household shoppers – not enough for the first half to beat TV3’s NCIS but enough for the second to out-rate its Los Angeles spin-off.

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One Response to “HDTV Ratings: November 29-30”

  1. Pity it won’t be back in primetime. Mind you, I used to record it and watch it next day so I guess it won’t matter to me.
    Most likely will be replaced with another Bigger, Better, Fastest type of programme.

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