HDTV Ratings: November 9-13

Would you believe TV2’s HD premiere of the movie, Get Smart, was the most watched programme on Sunday night?

It drew 11.3%-11.8% of the 18-39, 18-49 and 25-54 demographics, whereas its HD rival, TV3’s Funny People, averaged 4.4%-5.2%.

Earlier in the evening, TV2’s HD sitcoms, Mike & Molly and The Middle, slipped slightly from previous weeks.

But they still easily won their slots opposite newsmags, and pulled two-to-three times the viewership of TV3’s HD comedy, Raising Hope.

TV3’s HD debut of Ice Road Truckers on Saturday was compeititve with TV2’s HD special, 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments. It rated 5.2% of 25-54s compared to Harry’s 6.7%, 4.8% of 18-49s (vs 5.7%) and 4.5% of 18-39s (vs 5.7%).

It narrowly beat TV One’s Help! My House is Falling Down in the 18-49 demo but lost decisively in the 25-54 stakes.

TV3’s HD premiere of Max Payne, never won its slot in any of the demos but finished second to TV2’s SD re-run of Scary Movie among 18-49 year-olds.

On Friday, TV3’s Graham Norton Show blitzed TV One’s Jonathan Ross Show in their first face-off, with three times as many 25-54 year-olds tuning in.

It also was twice as popular as TV2’s HD competition, The Bachelor, across all of the demos.

Lead-in The X Factor USA could win only the second half of its hour across the board, but won three of its four quarter-hours among 18-39 year-olds.

As predicted, Coronation Street rated poorly in its new 7.30pm Friday slot, averaging only 4.7% of 25-54 year-olds and 5.3% of household shoppers with kids (although with both demos, it was more popular than the previous week’s Mary Queen of Shops).

TV3’s two-hour edition of X Factor on Thursday won its second hour with 18-49 and 25-54 year-olds, and lost only its first quarter-hour among 18-39 year-olds.

Rove drew less than half of TV2’s audience for Greatest Plastic Surgery Shockers, which helped to deliver Chuck unusually high ratings at 10.30: 5.7% of 18-39s, 5.2% of 18-49s, 4.9% of 25-54s and 7.1% of HHS/kids.

On Wednesday, it was another up-and-down night for TV3’s HD dramas, Underbelly: Razor and The Borgias.

The latter didn’t rate above 3.8% whereas TV One’s HD rival, Harry’s Law, drew 6.7% of 25-54s and with HHS/kids, out-rated Borgias 3:1.

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  1. This movie is a remake of a TV series. Don Adams and Barbara Feldon are replaced by Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway. I enjoyed it. Steve offers a totally different deliveray style to Don and Anne looks beautiful.

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