HDTV Ratings: September 15-19







GI Joe rose up against The Mentalist last night to challenge the double-episode special in most of the key demographics.

GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra started half-an-hour earlier and averaged over two-and-a-half hours:

  • 8.4% of 25-54 year-olds versus The Mentalist’s 8.5% (over two hours)
  • 8.5% of 18-39 year-olds versus The Mentalist’s 9%
  • 8.0% of 18-49 year-olds versus The Mentalist’s 8.8%
  • 7.3% of household shoppers with kids versus The Mentalist’s 9.7%.

But GI Joe’s last hour narrowly out-rated The Mentalist’s in all of the key demos except HHS/kids.

Meanwhile, Sky Sport 1’s HD Rugby World Cup coverage appears to have cost TV One and TV3 viewers on Sunday night, with HD staples like Global Radar and Raising Hope rating below average and faring worse than TV2’s The Middle, which resumed its season-two run with ratings of 9.1%-9.5% in the age demos and 13.1% of HHS/kids.

TV3’s HD re-run of The 40 Year Old Virgin also was hammered but on Saturday the network’s ITM Fishing Show, with its RWC theme, bounced back against Get Fresh With Al Brown (although largely drew half as many viewers).

Fresh notched up 8.5% of 25-54s and Fishing, 4.3% —  and both fared substantially better than TV One’s HD re-run of Bloodlines (1.8%), which was a casualty of Sky’s RWC HD coverage scoring 10.8% of this audience and Maori TV’s SD coverage, 10.6%.

Again, TV2’s audience held up opposite the rugby, with The Voice attracting 7.6% of 18-39s.

On Friday, Sky’s live RWC coverage grabbed 13.2% of 25-54s and Maori TV, 17.5%, which obliterated TV One’s SD premiere of The Jonathan Ross Show at 8.30pm (2.7%) – whereas TV3’s talk show rival, The Best of Graham Norton, was steady opposite Sky’s post-game analysis an hour later, with 8.5% of 25-54s.

Not even the season finale of The Vampire Diaries, opposite Norton, could stop its ratings from tanking, with only 3.7%-3.9% of 18-39s, 18-49s and 15-29s tuning in.

But on Thursday, TV3’s HD premiere of Titanic proved remarkably see-worthy opposite TV2’s top-rating reality block.

Over three-and-a-half hours it averaged 7.2% of 25-54s, 6.6% of 18-49s, 7% of 18-39s, and 9.7% of HHS/kids, peaking with some of its highest viewership in the final half-hour.

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