HDTV Ratings: September 6

TV3’s decision to axe Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year mid-run was borne out in last night’s ratings.

The fifth of what should have been 10 episodes didn’t rate above 4% of TV3’s key audiences, 25-54 and 18-49 year-olds, and was only marginally more popular with 18-39 year-olds (TV2’s chief demographic) and household shoppers with kids.

Hamish & Andy had a brief ratings spurt last week but largely has averaged half of HD lead-in NCIS’s viewership.

Next week TV3 will team NCIS with its Los Angeles spin-off, which is what it should have done originally to combat TV2’s sisterhood hits, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

They continue to dominate Tuesdays in all the key demos, and this week Grey’s slightly widened the 25-54 gap with NCIS to two-and-a-half rating points.

TV One’s third-ranked 8.30pm HD option, Chef on a Mission, also slipped slightly while TV3’s chef adventure, Under the Grill, is failing to fire at 8pm, with this week’s 25-54 rating down nearly a point over last week.

Tuesday’s 8.30 HD ratings winners were (rating > channel share):

25-54: Grey’s Anatomy 10.3% > 23.4%, NCIS 9.5% > 21.6%, Chef on a Mission 7.9% > 17.9%.

18-49: Grey’s Anatomy 10.6% > 27.4%, NCIS 6.9% > 17.9%, Chef on a Mission 6.4% > 16.6%.

18-39: Grey’s Anatomy 11.5% > 32.1%, NCIS 7% > 19.6%, Chef on a Mission 3.8% > 10.5%.

HHS: Grey’s Anatomy 14.9% > 31.1%, NCIS 9.3% > 19.3%, Chef on a Mission 8.3% > 17.3%.

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2 Responses to “HDTV Ratings: September 6”

  1. I heard that TV2 were going to launch 5.1 with Grey’s Anatomy. I had a listen and heard the most annoying audio ever, even worse than the Sky channels. I had to crank my amp up on programme and the ads pushed me through the back wall into the hallway! And no 5.1!! Anyone else find this?

  2. Yes, awful sounding and definitely not 5.1. Makes me wonder why bother and then I remember it’s TVNZ …

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