HDTV Ratings: September 9-11

The Hangover

It wasn’t just the opening of the Rugby World Cup in HD that obliterated the competition over the weekend.

So did the HD premieres of Get Fresh With Al Brown and the movie, The Hangover, albeit not by the same massive margin.

The Hangover made a monkey of TV One’s HD re-run of Casino Royale and TV3’s SD re-run of Inside Man.

It averaged 11.6% of the audience both of those networks covet — 25-54 year-olds — compared with Casino Royale’s 4.7% and Inside Man’s 3.5%.

And with TV2’s target demographic, 18-39 year-olds, it rated 11.8% and was most popular with household shoppers with kids: 14.7% (versus Casino Royale’s 3.8% and Inside Man’s 4.4%).

Earlier in the evening, TV One’s Global Radar continued to outrate TV3’s Raising Hope by 2:1 while the 7pm debut of Get Fresh With Al Brown averaged higher ratings than time slot predecessor Hyundai Country Calendar and appealed to viewers far more than Jamie’s 30 Minutes Meals an hour later.

Get Fresh averaged 13.6% of 25-54s (versus HD rival ITM Fishing Show’s 3.5%), 9.9% of 18-48s (vs 4.1%) and 11.5% of HHS/kids (vs 3.1%).

At 8pm, Jamie Oliver could muster only 4.6% of 25-54s, 3.8% of 18-49s and 5.4% of HHS/kids.

TV2’s 7.30pm talent quest, The Voice, is building as contestants enter the home strait, averaging 7.2% of 25-54s and 18-49s and 9.1% of HHS/kids but, ironically, is less popular with 18-39s (6.2%) and 15-29s (4.2%).

Of the Saturday night HD movies, the NZ-made Piece of My Heart scored a 25-54 rating of 5.2% for TV One and Panic Room, 3.7% for TV3.

But nothing came close to TV One’s RWC coverage, with the opening ceremony averaging 27.3% of 25-54s and the All Blacks vs Tonga match, 26.3%.

It earned the networks a 53.6% share of the total viewing audience — or more than one million of the 1.9 million viewers watching TV at that time — hence, TV3’s 7.30pm movie, 50 First Dates, rating fewer than 7% of most demographics, The Vampire Diaries averaging only 3.3% of 18-39s and The Best of the Graham Norton Show, 2.3% of 25-54s.

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    September 12, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    When is TVNZ going to get Dolby Digital 5.1 to air? They managed to do it with the live rugby but can’t seem to air movies and dramas. TV3 have been doing it for years and they don’t have my tax money.

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