Heartbreak Island ThreeNow-Bound

Kiwi singles will be competing for their perfect partner and and a $100,000 booty in a global  version of Heartbreak Island that will stream on ThreeNow.

Here’s the media release:


3 July 2022 – The temperature in New Zealand might be dropping, but Warner Bros. Discovery is here to make it soar with the return of all-new Heartbreak Island, only on ThreeNow.

For the very first time, the sexy summer show is going global with an all-new international cast. Audiences will watch as singles from New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the USA arrive at a tropical island paradise where they’ll put it all on the line to not only find their perfect partner, but compete for $100,000 cash.

Guiding viewers through the ups and downs that come with looking for love is new host, TV and radio personality Clint Randell. With a varied career under his belt, audiences will recognise Clint from hosting The Masked Singer NZ and Dancing With The Stars NZ.

Clint says: “I couldn’t wait to start shooting Heartbreak Island, this time with our first ever global cast. I cheered, laughed, teared up, stirred the pot, threw in a few twists and made life-long friends. I can’t wait for Kiwi viewers to see it. Audiences are in for a real ride.”

Set on the stunning vistas of Fiji, our 16 Heartbreak Island contestants will pair-up, face challenges, stay or stray from their partner during the infamous ‘passion plays,’ ultimately to avoid elimination from the Island.

But it can’t all be bliss, with disruptors coming in to shake up the game and put our Heartbreakers at risk. It’ll be up to them to figure out who’s really there to meet their match and fall in love, and who’s playing the game.

Ready to risk it all for romance are eight women, including media manager and stylist Holly Barnes (20, USA), bar managers Amber Yee (25, Australia) and Alexandra Carter (21, Australia), and professional dancer Maiata Boxer (20, New Zealand). Our next four Heartbreakers are model and actress Ashleigh Williams (25, New Zealand), social media manager and personal trainer Kacey Watson (23, Australia), hair salon coordinator Tiarne Butler (28, Australia), and criminology student and preschool teacher Milly Forbes (24, New Zealand).

Among the men battling for the $100,000 cash prize is singer-songwriter Mez Tekeste (29, New Zealand), cheeky postman Kieran Hickey (24, UK), tradesman Jake Spinner (26, Australia), and sociology and performing arts student Manaaki Hoepo (21, New Zealand). Our final four Heartbreaks looking for love are plumbing apprentice Bailey Neate (22, Australia), professional footballer Max Batchelor (21, UK), chiropractic student and security guard Shamar Sinegal (21, USA), and real estate agent Chris Burgoon (25, USA).

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5 Responses to “Heartbreak Island ThreeNow-Bound”

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    July 3, 2022 at 9:11 am

    When is Warner Bros. Discovery going to do something with ThreeNow? The app is so awful and old ?

  2. Couldn’t agree more, Trevor, but so far WBD isn’t commenting on its plans. Hopefully more online exclusives like Heartbreak Island on the platform will expedite the transition to a spruced-up Discovery+ service in the short term and one that includes HBO fare long-term. If local operators want Kiwis to stream locally to build viewership and advertising, and not use VPNs to access content from offshore services, they need to hurry up and offer 4K and 5.1 audio. TVNZ+, Neon, Sky Go and ThreeNow all max out at HD (and often stream in quasi-HD) and 2.0 audio.

  3. To paraphrase Trevor: Why does Three have to do the same as TVNZ? Why not do something original for a change ?.

  4. I have a feeling they will leave it until they have got the new app so hopefully it won’t be too far away. We need something that’s modern ?

  5. What is going on with ThreeNow? The new HD channels are in 1080p on demand but the flagship TV3 is stuck at 576. And yes they need to pull finger on 4k! I doubt we will see 4k with the new state media body. :/

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