Hitch With Hitchcock Releases

NZ fans of Alfred Hitchcock will want to dial M for missing.

This weekend in the US, HBO aired The Girl, Gwyneth (Five Days) Hughes’ dramatisation of the relationship between the director and one of his leading ladies, Tippi Hedren (The Birds, Marnie).

Critics were divided, with The Wall Street Journal dubbing it “an exquisitely lurid morality play in the Hitchcock style” and the New York Times quipping: “It’s a movie about Hitchcock that ignores his best advice: ‘Suspense is like a woman. The more left to the imagination, the more the excitement.’”

Usually only a few weeks separate an HBO movie premiere and its debut on Sky’s SoHo channel.

But The Girl, which Julian Jarrold (Appropriate Adult, Brideshead Revisited) directed, isn’t being distributed by HBO in this part of the world.

Instead, it’s being handled by the BBC, which means if TV One or UK TV do pick it up, it probably won’t be for months and will screen in SD.

And so far there’s no sign of the BBC releasing it on Blu-ray: Amazon.co.uk is taking pre-orders for the DVD only.

Meanwhile, Universal’s Blu-ray box set, Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection, which goes on sale on October 31 for $180, won’t be as lavish as first reported.

Whereas the US edition boasts 15 of the director’s movies, including The Birds and Marnie, the NZ compilation will be missing North by Northwest.

Presumably, the omission is due to rights, given Warner Bros distributed North by Northwest on Blu-ray here. (It and Psycho are the only two Hitchcock movies already out on Blu-ray.)

Nonetheless, it’s one of several anomalies that have marred high-profile releases within the last couple of months, with both Battleship and The Avengers lacking the US editions’ directors’ commentaries.

As for Hitchcock, in which Anthony Hopkins plays the filmmaker and Helen Mirren his wife, Alma Reville, it opens here theatrically on February 13.

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