Hot off the Press (Release): Filthy Rich Cast Announced

John Jnr (Josh McKenzie), Savannah (Emma Fenton), Brady (Miriama Smith), Vader (Taylor Hall) and Joe (Alex Tarrant).

The stars of TV2’s new multi-night drama Filthy Rich: From left to right,  Josh McKenzie, Emma Fenton, Miriama Smith, Taylor Hall and Alex Tarrant.

On the eve of TV3 premiering its Outrageous Fortune prequel, Westside (8.30 Sunday — watch for a Doug Coutts preview), TVNZ has revealed the cast of TV2’s new multi-night HD drama, Filthy Rich.

Created by top award-winning Kiwi writers, Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan (Outrageous Fortune, Go Girls, Nothing Trivial), Filthy Rich is a sexy drama series centred on three illegitimate children who discover they each have a claim to the fortune of one of New Zealand’s wealthiest men – John Truebridge.

When he dies, these unwanted, unexpected heirs stand to share in his legacy – but not if his legitimate family has anything to do with it!

Miriama Smith (Siege, Legend of the Seeker) plays Brady, the ambitious, younger second wife of John Snr who thought she’d inherit it all – or at least share in the spoils of a legacy with her step-son, John Jnr – played by Josh McKenzie (Shortland Street, Power Rangers).

But secrets are revealed, alliances forged and suddenly there are three cuckoos in the nest – with no intention of leaving soon.

Alex Tarrant (When We Go To War) plays athletic Joe, who is shocked to find he’s from somewhere else entirely and his whole life has been a lie.

Newcomers Taylor Hall and Emma Fenton play easy-going but secretive Vader and wily, beautiful Savannah respectively.

Also joining the cast are Elizabeth Hawthorne (Outrageous Fortune) as John Snr’s eccentric sister Nancy, Jodie Rimmer (In My Father’s Den) as Lorna, Mike Edward (Spartacus) as Fisher, and Erroll Shand (Underbelly) as Karl.

Filthy Rich is from Filthy Productions, and is produced by Steven Zanoski (Shortland Street).

“I’m delighted with this incredible cast and crew, who joined us a lot earlier than most productions to collaborate on a unique look and feel for the show. It’s been a dynamic process, now paying off as we film our first episodes,” says Zanoski.

TVNZ’s Head of Content, Jeff Latch adds, “Filthy Productions and everyone involved have done a fantastic job in making Filthy Rich an addictive, top quality, bold new series. We cannot wait to bring this show to TV2 viewers.”

Filthy Rich will air at a date to be set.

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3 Responses to “Hot off the Press (Release): Filthy Rich Cast Announced”

  1. Will you update us when this has a premiere date and an on -air night? Let us also know when new CBS series Supergirl will be picked up by TV2 and when it will play ondemand and as well on air.

  2. Don’t expect Filthy Rich to screen until next year. Similarly, I don’t see TV2 fast tracking Supergirl after flops like Gotham and Agents of SHIELD, so I imagine probably 2016 for its launch, too.

  3. I have the same feeling Filthy Rich is a 2016 show considering Step Dave has yet to air and Empire is occupying the Tuesday slot for the next few weeks. TV2 has been blessed with its WB output deal securing them all the latest superheroe dramas, just a shame that many of them haven’t performed and look set to be fast on demand.

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