Hot Off the Press Release: Neon “Light” Launches

Sky launched its new-look Neon today with fresh content from the platform’s merger with Spark’s Lightbox, a cleaner, simplified design, a new logo and availability on more devices, including Apple TV 4K (earlier generations miss out).

Here’s the media release:

New Neon came to life in the small hours and now we’re ready to entertain New Zealand

A dedicated team worked through the night to help customers move from the original Neon and Lightbox platforms to a brand new Neon; the biggest 100% New Zealand-owned paid streaming movie and entertainment platform.

The migration was successful and now tens of thousands of Kiwis can enjoy blockbuster movies and favourite shows like Homeland, The Handmaid’s Tale and Game of Thrones, uninterrupted and all in one place.

Ricki Taiaroa, who has been running the launch says, “We’re really excited about the fantastic new Neon which we know will be much appreciated by our customers.

“So many movies, shows and series, some of which were previously only available on Lightbox, are now combined with an enhanced streaming platform which is easier to use across multiple devices – it’s a winner.

“New Neon customers will enjoy a range of new features including download to go, individual user profiles, a dedicated kids’ area and new release movie rentals. The platform is easier to use, more robust, and available on a range of new devices including Apple TV.”

The changeover went well with very little interruption and the Neon team is just tidying up a couple of loose ends.

There is a full suite of Frequently Asked Questions available to customers at if they have any queries and a fantastic customer service team on 0800 759 759 or the team on the Neon Facebook page.

There is so much content available on new Neon, viewers will be absolutely spoiled for choice.  With winter well and truly here our relaunch is timed perfectly – there’s no need for an excuse to hunker down inside and binge-watch Succession, Perry Mason or I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. And all for only $13.95 per month.”

Here’s what’s new

  • So many movies, shows and series, some of which were previously only available on Lightbox
  • An enhanced streaming platform which is easier to use; customers can download content and it’s more robust
  • No long term contracts are required, giving customers access to so much content at fantastic value
  • Uninterrupted, ad-free viewing
  • Pick up where you left off on a different device
  • A family-friendly kids’ corner
  • Create up to 5 user profiles
  • Add favourites to your watchlist
  • Purchase new release movie rentals
  • Cast to the big screen with Chromecast and Airplay

Some customers may need to download or refresh the new Neon app on their smartphone, tablet or smart TV.  If a customer from original Neon had filed away some favourites on a watchlist, this may take a couple of days to migrate across to new Neon – but it won’t be long.

It’s important to note some new Neon customers will have had Lightbox as part of a mobile and/or broadband package­­­­­ with Spark.  Spark will be contacting all these customers with details on how the switch to new Neon has affected their package.

So, get comfortable and get stuck in to new Neon – designed by Kiwis for Kiwis.

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14 Responses to “Hot Off the Press Release: Neon “Light” Launches”

  1. I’m really impressed by the shows and movies but I was hoping to watch the latest series of The Walking Dead, it only goes up to season 8 :)

  2. Was just coming to comment here that my Neon watchlist hadn’t transferred over, but good to see it will get there eventually. The Lightbox back end they are using/have adapted is a lot tidier and more powerful than Neon’s was – which would randomly crash for me mid-episode on a couple of devices. Looks great by and large!

  3. I know what you mean, Clint. I was streaming Mystery Road last night — because SoHo had screwed up my series link running order — and had to restart because of buffering. And that was on a fibre connection.

  4. Yes,Trevor, that does seem strange when 10 seasons have aired on TVNZ. Perhaps its on-demand catch-up licensing prevents the latest seasons from being streamed on other platforms. You may have to wait for S11 to air before S9 becomes available on Neon.

  5. I tweeted Neon about The Walking Dead and they tweeted back that Neon doesn’t have the rights but will let me know when they do, oh well, it’s not a biggie. There are plenty of shows and movies to watch until then :)

  6. Ran up my Lightbox app today on my tablet and it updated to Neon. All of my Lightbox account and lists were still attached so all is well. Hope that their movie rentals are better than the out of the ark Lightbox method.

  7. The app update’s a good start, Paul. The movie rentals will be the same as all the streaming services’. The biggest difference is Neon includes a library of recent movies that’s included as part of the monthly sub.

  8. Yep, Philip – certainly seems way more stable. I was never sure whether to put it to down to my internet at home in my flat (which can be patchy, even with an extender to my room) or whether it was a Neon system issue. Having tested it today on a few shows, there’s been no drop outs at all.

  9. I love having Neon. I have only watched seasons 1 and 2 of Supergirl on Blu-ray so I’m watching season 3 at the moment with 4 and 5 after that. Also one show I have missed is Legends of Tomorrow so I have got 5 seasons to watch. I LOVE IT :)

  10. How does the picture quality of Supergirl on Neon compare to the Blu-rays, Trevor?

  11. Good to see another Legends fan Trevor! I climbed in again last night. I had Lightbox free but never used it and Neon I had to AirPlay to my Apple TV. The Neon app looks great on the Apple TV. Life just got a whole lot easier!

  12. Supergirl looks pretty much the same as the Blu-ray, Philip :) Yes, I’m really impressed with the Neon app on Apple TV, it’s working brilliantly. I also gave it 5 stars :)

  13. Lightbox started as a great service but lost programming momentum as it struggled to develop critical mass beyond Spark customers like yourself, Brian. The new consolidated Neon is a sensible outcome in a marketplace where Netflix dominates.

  14. On my watch list on Neon I have got 10 shows listed and could easily add more. It’s a shame though they won’t be adding Timeless, it would have been perfect but otherwise 10/10 from me :)

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