Hot Off the Press Release: Sky TV Guide App Update

This morning Sky issued this press release about improvements to its Sky TV Guide app:


My Sky customers can now record full series to their planner no matter where they are.

Sky customers will now be able to remotely record full series to their My Sky planner after an update to the Sky TV Guide app this week.

The latest in a series of updates to the popular App allows My Sky customers to choose between recording individual episodes or a full series remotely to their planner from within the programme information screen.

“It’s a function we know our customers will like and we’re excited to release it this week,” said Sky’s Head of Products, Bridget McNeill.

“It’s simple to use and instantly adds the programme series link straight to their My Sky planner, making it easy to record the content they love.

“Up until now, it’s only been possible to record a single episode from the app, so it’s great to be able to offer the ability to record a full series remotely.

“Now when a My Sky customer is out and about and remembers they’ve not recorded a favourite programme, or hears a recommendation from a friend or colleague, they can simply set the entire series to record from their app there and then,” she added.

The Sky TV  Guide app is free to download and can be used by anyone in New Zealand. The ability to remote record is enabled once Sky customers enter their customer details.  Current Day TV Guide app users will need to download the update in their device’s App Store to enable the remote series record functionality.

Whether it’s immersing themselves in a full series recommended on Sky Box Sets, series linking the latest season of their favourite heroes on Sky 5 or making sure not to miss a second of the action on SoHo, it’s never been easier, no matter where in the country they are.

Ms McNeill said Sky is continually looking at new ways to make the app even more user-friendly, and more new features will be added over the coming months.

The Sky TV Guide app is available to download free in the App Store.

Sky TV Guide App Key Features:

  • Daily must-see picks from our programming team to make sure you don’t miss the best content from around the globe
  • The ability to Remote Record content to your My Sky planner
  • Set alerts for your favourite shows for up to an hour before the show starts
  • Browse the Sky guide in grid view or single channel view
  • Create your own personal guide by selecting your favourite channels
  • The search function lets you quickly find the shows you love
  • Share what you like and watch via Facebook, SMS and email.
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13 Responses to “Hot Off the Press Release: Sky TV Guide App Update”

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    June 18, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    Philip, Sky should have completed the move to MPEG-4 on its transponders over the weekend (it’s been progressive from late May until 16 June). Has the broadcaster indicated any signs of increased capacity on the transponders, and hence an increased propensity to add more HD content?

  2. Good point, Mike. I wouldn’t hold your breath but I’ll look into it. Thanks.

  3. Don’t hold your breath. I heard that now they don’t need the bandwidth for MPEG2 they are going to save money by dropping some of the transponders. Philip may have more info.

  4. Sky has indicated that its moving from 7 transponders to 4 transponders when this Optus satellite lease expires. But that’s a few years away yet – so what to do with the (finite and valuable) capacity in the meantime?

  5. Mike: Where did you get this information from may I ask?

  6. What Sky can do is bring back all the HD channels to full 1920 by 1080 resolution as they are meant to be. Ask if Sky will do this? Cheers.

  7. Happy to ask but given the downgrading of HD signals across the board, including TVNZ 1 & 2 and Three, I wouldn’t hold out hope for Sky reversing this trend.

  8. Fsmith: From SKY_INVESTOR_DAY_2018 Presentation “WE INTEND TO SECURE CAPACITY BEYOND 2021;
    – 4 vs 7 TRANSPONDERS”. So three less transponders.

  9. Paul W has identified the source – the quantum of information available is amazing if one ever bothers to look for it.
    Personally I’d still keep 7 transponders. Satellite capacity is a finite resource that could be sub-leased or used for broadcasting in 4K or (heavens forbid) increasing the number of HD channels. And it’s relatively cheap in the overall context.

  10. Please ask if Sky is going to be broadcasting in HD or UHD on their future plans for this so called new streaming service.

  11. Thanks, Chris. That is one of the questions I’ve asked. Some key executives are away so it might be a few days before we get a response.

  12. Thanks for being more responsive than all the TV networks. I keep failing to get information from them, and you do your best to ask them for us. Many thanks.

  13. Thanks for your kind comments, Chris. One of the reasons I set up ScreenScribe was to provide HD content news the rest of the media ignored or didn’t prioritise. Because the time I can devote to it is limited, I can’t keep tabs on everything — so never hesitate to submit queries (or, sigh, corrections).

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