Hot Off the Press (Release): Spark Makes TV Free to Stream

Spark this morning announced its customers would receive permanently free access to its TV streaming service Lightbox.

This follows providing them with a year’s free subscription. Here’s the release in full:

Spark has announced today it will be giving all of its home broadband customers a huge amount of extra value by shouting them a Lightbox subscription and access to 1GB of free WiFi data every day at over 1000 of WiFi zones, for the entire life their Spark plan.

Spark Home, Mobile & Business CEO, Jason Paris says that while the online TV market is growing at a rapid pace there is still a large proportion of New Zealanders yet to make the inevitable switch to online TV.

“Already, hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders are streaming some of their favourite TV shows legitimately online, using services like Lightbox, right here in New Zealand. However, there is still a large majority of New Zealanders yet to fully experience the huge benefits of an online TV service like Lightbox to watch their favourite shows anywhere and anytime they want to.

“With some of the world’s best TV content now available in our own backyard, it no longer makes sense for our customers to be restricted by traditional TV services that dictate when and what shows they can watch. That’s why today we’re really excited to be widening our customers’ access to Lightbox, making it as easy and affordable as possible for them to take full advantage of the many thousands of hours of ad-free TV that comes with Lightbox.”

Just this month Lightbox released the second season of the Golden Globe-nominated Outlander, and continues to delight viewers with critically acclaimed shows like Suits, Mr Robot and Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul.

Spark says it also makes sense to offer broadband customers free access to the WiFi network, following the fantastic response the company has had to the service by its mobile customers.

“Everyday thousands of our mobile customers tap into our free WiFi zones across the country. Following this success and feedback from customers that their kids in particular love the service, we’re opening up even greater access to the network so customers and their families – regardless of what mobile provider they’re with – can take advantage of 1GB of free WiFi every day.”

Spark says home broadband customers can register up to three devices in a household for free Spark WiFi allowing them to tap into any one of the 1000 Spark WiFi zones located across New Zealand.

Mr Paris says offering existing customers great experiences and even more value was a huge priority.

“In the last two-years we’ve been unrelenting in offering our customers some awesome new services including discounted movie tickets, pre-sale access to some of the hottest concerts, best seats in the house and for mobile customers’ services like Spotify Premium and Socialiser.

“Today, we’re continuing to say thanks to our customers by giving them two things we know will be truly useful to their lives – Lightbox, to check out some of the best TV shows available whenever they want to, and access to our free Spark WiFi Zones, a service our mobile customers already tell us they love.”

Spark will be contacting all of its home broadband customers directly but customers can also go to for information on how to get Lightbox and free Spark WiFi.

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2 Responses to “Hot Off the Press (Release): Spark Makes TV Free to Stream”

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    April 28, 2016 at 9:51 am

    WOW, that’s wonderful news. I wish though I could watch it on my TV like I can with Netflix 🙂

  2. Buy a Chromecast and install the app on your Android phone and you’re away. That’s how I watch it.

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