Hot Off the Press Release: Spark Touts Set-Up Deal for RWC

Spark is offering tech-phobic Rugby World Cup fans who don’t know how to stream the tournament a $149 “in-home set-up” service.

It includes a Spark rep walking customers through their broadband connection, testing their connection speed, setting up any streaming devices and demonstrating Spark Sport.

Here’s the press release in full:

Spark Sport encourages rugby fans to get ready to stream

With just two months to go until Rugby World Cup 2019, Spark Sport wants to make sure that everyone who wants to watch the tournament is ready to go.

Head of Spark Sport, Jeff Latch says lots of New Zealanders have already purchased their Tournament Pass, but many rugby fans still need to get prepared for kick-off.

“We know many people will already know what to do when it comes to streaming, but we know for many it might be their first time setting up a streaming device or Smart TV. We want to encourage those who are not familiar with streaming services to get set up now.

“People shouldn’t wait until the tournament starts to get set up, as it’ll be a lot more difficult to help them at that stage. Even though we’ve set up a Spark Sport care team who can help those who need it, we know they will be inundated with help requests closer to the date – so our message is to get sorted now.

“To incentivise people to get ready early, tournament pass holders get instant access to previous Rugby World Cup matches and exclusive past player and coach interviews as soon as they purchase so they can test the app on their chosen device well before kick-off.”

For in home set up assistance

The majority of people should be able to get set up with Spark Sport without help – but for those who are struggling Spark has set up an in-home set up service for Rugby World Cup 2019.

The $149 Spark service includes a Spark rep walking customers through their broadband connection, testing their connection speed, setting up any streaming devices and demonstrating Spark Sport. Customers interested in this service should call 08004SETUP.

For those wanting to get connected but are not Spark customers, Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman and Geeks on Wheels have all set up dedicated in-home Spark Sport solution services as New Zealand readies for Rugby World Cup 2019.

Each have teams that will arrange a time to visit the customers home to discuss and set up Spark Sport. This includes internet speed tests, making sure the households tech is set up correctly and then teaching the customer how to easily watch Spark Sport on their preferred device to ensure they will be comfortable to do it on their own. People wanting in home assistance should go to each providers website or visit in store to get a quote.

Age Concern Chief Executive, Stephanie Clare says “When it comes to learning about new technology it is really important to be informed – take up the education on offer and ask for help if you need guidance. It could also be a good way to share some time and learn skills with a family member, friend or neighbour.

“It’s great to hear Spark Sport and these tech providers have in-home services that will help people, especially older New Zealanders, who might not know where to start to get set up for streaming. With a bit of help, we know a lot of older people will get Rugby World Cup ready.”

The key things for people new to streaming to remember are:

  • Make sure your broadband is ready to stream. You don’t need to be on fibre, but you do need to have a quality broadband connection that is capable of streaming live content. Check if you’re streaming ready now.
  • Decide what you will use to watch the RWC and test the Spark Sport app on it – available on mobile, tablet, laptop or PC – or if you want to watch on a big screen, a Google Chromecast, an Apple TV, a Freeview A2 Recorder or Smart VU Streaming Device or a Smart TV (2017 or more recent, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic currently available, LG coming soon).
  • Purchase a Spark Sport RWC Tournament Pass at and then make sure you’ve got the app on the device you want to watch from.
  • People unfamiliar with streaming who want to watch Rugby World Cup 2019™ on Spark Sport should contact the Spark Sport team on live chat or email at for help or head to a Spark store where staff will be able to walk you through your options.
  • Spark Sport has a suite of resources available to people and/or organisations, including a comprehensive instruction booklet, an easy-to-digest one page summaryshort form and long form articles, and help videosfronted by Scotty Stevenson or people can stop by your local SeniorNet or Age Concern centre to pick up help booklets and resources.
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3 Responses to “Hot Off the Press Release: Spark Touts Set-Up Deal for RWC”

  1. Perhaps the feedback from those that have signed up has resulted in the need for such a service. Why wasn’t it offered to those that signed up in Early Bird May? Or June? Now with two months to go (and still in Beta) SparkSport are recognising issues?

  2. Or maybe its cos Vodafone have kicked off the same sort of offer, using Noel Leeming to deliver the tech support

  3. $149 sounds a bit rich.

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