Hot Off the Satellite Not On for HD Shows

The downside of networks screening more shows “hot off the satellite” is most won’t be in HD because of the high bandwidth costs.

The latest examples are The Jonathan Ross Show, which started last night on TV One, and Charlie’s Angels (left), which TV2 will premiere on September 28 – barely a week after its US broadcast.

That’s a record-fast turnaround for a debuting US drama series but don’t expect it to become the norm.

TV2 is running with the ’70s remake now because its US launch coincided with the network wanting to freshen its schedule leading into summer.

Whether TV2 screens more series closer to their US transmissions will depend on if they fit the needs of the schedule, if programmers are confident they’ll work locally and a “multitude” of other considerations, TV2 programming chief John Kelly says,

“However, there are no plans to alter our traditional new season launch for the majority of the schedule.”

He says the cost of getting HD materials in such a tight timeframe for Charlie’s Angels “unfortunately proved to be prohibitive”.

Meanwhile, TV3 has confirmed Rove LA will screen here in HD, from 9.30pm Thursday, but is still investigating the feasibility of The X-Factor USA doing likewise.

Whereas Rove LA will screen four days after its Australian broadcast, X-Factor will be same-day, which logistically makes it more challenging to deliver in HD because of infrastructural issues.

“It may end up being HD, but at this stage we’re not sure,” TV3’s programming chief Kelly Martin says. “It will depend on the satellite, and which one we can use.”

Does TV3 plan to screen more American content within days or weeks of its US premiere?

“It’s a lot to do with the nature of the show,” Martin says, “but I do think we’ll end up having more and more series airing closer to US air dates as time goes on.”

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  1. I’d gladly wait a month or so for quality programming in HD than have the latest rubbish rehash or reality garbage immediately.

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